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New Web site shouldn’t replace real introductions

The world of online social networking has boomed ever since the opening of Web sites such as Facebook and MySpace.These Web sites allow people to socialize with people they once knew, friends and acquaintances.

A new Web site with the same idea of social networking has popped up: LifeAt.com.

LifeAt is designed for people that live in housing developments and apartment complexes, and it allows for people to scope out their neighbors before they actually get to know each other, according to an article in the New York Times.

Keeping arguments civil allows longer life, longer relationships

Some who are lucky enough to have found a steady significant other often find themselves having small altercations with their loved one.While this behavior is considered normal among couples, new research shows certain means of resolving fights can have physical effects on a person's health in the long run.

Many couples remain oblivious to these effects, thus decreasing their love's lifespan.

Couples need to regroup and learn how to work together better to ensure they can spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Blood donation helps others, encourages health awareness

The Bible states in Leviticus 17:11, "The life of a creature is in the blood." Blood is considered one of the most vital things in the body. And while the average human adult has about five liters of it pumping through their arteries, there are some instances where people will lose great amounts of blood by surgery, accidents or burns. A few times a year, various organizations at TCU host blood drives. Many people are afraid to participate because they fear needles or have no idea about the process.

Doctors should trust patients

Pain relief is available in many forms, yet people around the world are still suffering needlessly.If a TCU student has a headache, they can go to Frog Bytes and pick up some Tylenol without any trouble.

Over-the-counter medication is readily accessible to those who need it. If an arm breaks, a doctor in the U.S. can prescribe the appropriate pain relief immediately.

In our part of the world, for many, suffering from a lack of medicine is not an issue. These pain relieving drugs are legal, safe when used as directed and easily found.

Commuters can still find time to make friends

School policy changed this year to make it mandatory that all freshmen and sophomores live on campus. However, some freshmen and sophomores that live within a 35-mile radius are allowed to stay at home. These students may wish to live on campus but cannot for financial or family reasons. Commuters in their first two years of college often deal with the hardships of finding a parking spot, making time between school and going home to spend time with friends.

Required P.E. would combat obesity

School is a place where students exercise their minds by learning and growing in knowledge. Academics become more and more important as education becomes more and more competitive. While the classroom may help children succeed in life, it may hinder their physical activity. This inactivity can lead to a state of poor health that progressively gets harder to reverse as the child grows.

According to the American Heart Association, 1/3 of U.S. children are overweight.

Transgendered individuals need universal support

Like foreigners in their own skin, transgendered people suffer from massive confusion, verbal and physical abuse, and struggles with acceptance. Many know about gay people, lesbians and bisexual people, but little is known about people who identify themselves as transgendered. "Transgender" is a term used to encompass people who do not identify well with the genders they were born as. Since not much is known about transgendered people, they lack certain rights and are often discriminated against.

Sex education in schools most effective when students have right to...

Awkward times ensue in middle school when one first learns about sex. Many schools choose to go about it differently than others. While most secular schools tend to teach safe sex, some private or conservative schools prefer to preach abstinence. Both efforts keep in mind the safety of the youth, but they do not educate people fully. A more comprehensive sex-education program should be made in order to make sure students learn about all the options whether they decide to become sexually active.

Designating driving deserves respect

It is inevitable: College students party. While every one of those students likes to have a fun time, they would also like to have an opportunity to have many more fun times. Unfortunately, being "designated driver" is classified as dirty work that one is stuck with rather than a respectable responsibility. It seems as though the forced sobriety becomes a stigma when partying, even though the lives of the group depend on this "Designated Dave." The Student Government Association wanted to implement a safe-rides plan that would allow students to go out and have fun.

Porn industry needs more regulation

There is an industry out there that can always make itself known to consumers. One can have access to its products at home, at...
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