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Although wedding budgets vary, dream ceremonies still possible

Driving back from dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant, alumna Katelyn Thompson and her then-boyfriend Sam decided to stop on campus just to look...

Grads may fare better in 2011 job market

TCU graduates might fare better in the 2011 job market than last year's graduates, Jessica Cates, associate director of the Alcon Career Center, said. There...

Seniors finish collegiate dance career

A group of 14 seniors from the School for Classical and Contemporary Dance will take the stage this weekend in the Senior Dance Choreography...

Season tickets nearly double in price for faculty, staff

An addition to the season ticket package for the Oct. 28 TCU-BYU game at Cowboys Stadium will mean TCU faculty and staff will pay...

Stadium construction will cause seat relocation, decrease parking for 2011 season

The ongoing renovation of Amon G. Carter Stadium will cause seat relocation, decreased parking and a more temporary nature for 2011 season ticket-holders TCU...

Frogs head north to Air Force Thursday

The Horned Frogs men's tennis team, fresh off its first conference victory, will have to make adjustments to play in the high elevation at...

Drunk driving devices are not effective prevention

It's late on a Thursday night and you've been out with your friends, probably consuming a few too many piña coladas or whatever your drink of choice is. As you place your key in the ignition and turn, the usual purr of the engine is unmistakably absent. Nothing is mechanically wrong with your car, but your all-night alcoholic consumption is the culprit of this dilemma.

According to a March 10 Star-Telegram article, devices that would prevent a car from starting if the driver is under the influence of alcohol could be a feature on new cars for Americans in the near future.

Technology can’t replace classroom environment

I am sure students may have asked themselves at some point, "Do I really need to come to class to do well in this course?" If the answer is no, then it usually is followed by the justification that you could probably get everything you need to know from the PowerPoint lectures online anyway.

As much as we would love to answer no to that question, I believe that technology cannot entirely replace the classroom environment.

SGA VP External Affairs candidates compete in runoff Thursday

Caroline Wiersgalla and Hunter Sprague will compete in a Student Government Association runoff election for Vice President of External Affairs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday, Brown-Lupton University Union Activities Coordinator Brett Phillips said.

Phillips said to keep the runoff election fair, he could not release numerical results from Wednesday's election.

He said the runoff is necessary because none of the candidates received more than 50 percent of the vote in Wednesday's election.

V-Day Campaign ends with ‘The Vagina Monologues’

Performances of the play "The Vagina Monologues" concluded the TCU V-Day Campaign to stop violence against women and girls, with a frank and emotional experience for viewers.

Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues" featured a cast of women telling their own stories through a series of monologues. Each monologue was based on real interviews done by Ensler with a diverse group of women who shared their experiences of violence, abuse and sexuality.

Katie Caruso, a senior theater major and coordinator of the TCU V-Day Campaign, said the play invoked many different emotions.

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