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Police: Women robbed behind nearby store

Fort Worth police don't have a suspect in an ongoing investigation of a reported robbery of two students behind a nearby convenience store, police spokesman Lt. Paul Henderson said Wednesday.

Two female students were robbed Tuesday night at about 10:40 p.m. at a parking lot behind the 7-Eleven at Berry Street and South University Drive, according to a Fort Worth Police Department report.

Jenna Harris and Briana Steger said they froze when they saw the suspect had his hand in his pants pocket. The women said they thought he could have been holding a weapon.

Life off campus garners freedom

For the first time in her college career, junior Stephanie Chlipala was able to delete the numerous e-mails reminding her to sign up for on-campus housing.

Like many juniors and seniors, she has made plans to live off campus in the fall.

The benefits of on-campus housing, such as being part of a tight-knit college community and living within walking distance of classes make some wonder why students would want to move off campus.

Campaign aims to raise $250 million

Correction: As of March 31, when the public phase of the university fundraising campaign started, the campaign had raised $155 million, or 62 percent of the goal amount.

Bob Schieffer can soon add rock star to his resume after he performs with his band "Honky Tonk Confidential" during the launch of The Campaign for TCU on Thursday.

Partnership to research wind energy

Oxford University in England and TCU will team up with the world's largest wind-energy producer to conduct a five-year research project to focus on the impact of wind power development, Chancellor Victor Boschini said Wednesday during a news conference.

The research, funded by FPL Energy LLC, will be coordinated by TCU's Institute for Environmental Studies and Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute, Boschini said.

Texas primary could play significant role in presidential nomination

In four days, the Lone Star State will be at the forefront of the electoral spotlight.

A Tarrant County political official said this could be one of the most historical elections ever seen in politics. And with the Texas primary approaching, it seems to be an appropriate time for students to become informed.

"The most important thing to know about the primary on March 4 is that it's a primary convention and not a caucus," said Keith Annis, executive director of the Tarrant County Democratic Party.

Clinton vows to turn ‘speeches into solutions’ in Stockyards rally

Read more in the Skiff Politics Blog.Moments after the crowd chanted "mighty, mighty Hillary" in pep-rally fashion like "Remember the Titans," Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., addressed 5,000 people at a rally in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

"What a beautiful day for us to get excited, energized and enthusiastic so we can make sure to turn Texas into Clinton country," she said.

Obama emphasizes ‘change’ in his speech to Dallas

The noise was nearly deafening as about 17,000 people rallied to support Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., on Wednesday at Reunion Arena in Dallas.

Obama said the country is at a defining moment in history for politics and referenced Martin Luther King Jr. early in his speech.

"I am running because of what Dr. King called the 'fierce urgency of now,'" Obama said.

Cathi Hoag, a graduate student and outreach coordinator for TCU Students for Barack Obama, said about 30 students went to the rally representing TCU's group.

School to propose child-life option for education majors

Injuries, painful procedures and prolonged stays at hospitals can increase a child's anxiety and fears. However, students may soon have an opportunity to study a field that works to alleviate a child's stress when hospitalized.

A child-life option within the School of Education will be proposed in March. If approved by the faculty, undergraduate and graduate councils before the end of the semester, the program will be available for students beginning next fall, said Mary Patton, associate professor of early childhood education.

Writers strike gives insight into industry

Television viewers can brush the cobwebs off their TV sets and anticipate new episodes of hit shows after a three-month hiatus.As the Writers Guild...

Fundraiser to aid children’s hospital

Mardi Gras is usually remembered for beads, king cake and partying, but this year it may also be remembered for raising money for sick children.

Each semester, students participate in a campaign that has been raising money for more than six years for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn.

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