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On The Range

They wear cowboy hats. They rope outside of the Winthrop Rockefeller Building. But ranch management students are more than just cowboys. They are all-around Southern businessmen with a dress code, a code of conduct and a sound knowledge of all the ins and outs of the ranching industry.

Jeffrey Geider, Director of the Institute of Ranch Management, said, "They learn how to manage the entire resource. They're really business people learning business practices and principles as it applies to agricultural management."

Fine arts students taking business courses to stay competitive

National colleges and universities that offer music degrees are beefing up their degree plans to make students more marketable, but TCU is ahead of the curve and already has a marketable system in place, a School of Music official said.

According to an article on Insidehighered.com, many universities, including the University of Colorado, the University of Rochester and Babson College in Boston, have begun to add entrepreneurial courses to their music degree plans to help students find jobs.

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