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Colors of spring clothing lines brighten outlook for 2009

The malls were packed, elaborate sale signs hung decoratively in store windows and anxious souls swarmed the racks searching for the perfect gifts to go under the tree, but nobody bought much.

Despite the garland and 20-inch snowflakes, shoppers were in low spirits this holiday season.

Perhaps it's the economy or the warm weather that kept wallets shut this past December.

Halloween lends opportunity to show creativity, imagination

With Halloween right around the corner, everyone is beginning to think about this year's costume of choice. Whether you are going as this year's...

Politicians’ style matters

With all the buzz swarming around the upcoming presidential election, voters everywhere are looking at all the aspects of the candidates. Everything from world...

Fedoras a great addition to all closets

If you're having a bad hair day, in need of a cover up for the purple dye that won't wash out of your hair from last week's game or just looking to put a little Humphrey Bogart in your life, the fedora hat is coming back in style.

Typically made of felt, with a curled brim that is creased down the length of the hat, a fedora will definitely put a little gangster back in your life (Roger Rabbit, anyone?).

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