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Ad campaign aims to clear misperceptions about alcohol consumption

The Alcohol and Drug Education Center and nonprofit Tarrant County Challenge Inc. have developed a social norms marketing campaign to dispel myths about alcohol...

Nursing program expands simulation labs

Students in Harris College of Nursing have more room to practice their technique thanks to the expansion of simulation labs and additional simulation manikins.

Mary Beth Walker, assistant director of simulation lab, said the Harris College has divided the simulation labs in order for nursing anesthesia students and undergraduate nursing students to have their own practice areas.

"A simulation manikin has working parts that will respond to a student's response to an underlying problem or a set of vital signs," Walker said.

Lifting the Lid

Students searching for a clean and traffic-free restroom on campus may not have to look very far.

When looking for a restroom, students tend to look for specific criteria before visiting the facilities. These are cleanliness, doors that close or lock properly, stalls that are fully stocked with toilet paper and an ample supply of paper towels. It is also important that the restrooms have several stalls to choose from in case there is a line. But of course, not having to deal with any lines is a plus.

Health Center joins schools in fight against depression

TCU is one of 20 universities in the National College Depression Partnership, an 18-month initiative program to learn more about how to identify students with depression, a university physician said.

Dr. Mary Rae, primary physician of the Brown-Lupton Health Center, said health and counseling staff attended a workshop at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators mental health conference in January. After attending the conference, the university joined the others in an effort to share information on how to treat depression in college students, Rae said.

Report says energy drinks put enthusiasts at risk

Energy drinks may have more in them than an energy boost.A report by Johns Hopkins University calls for warning labels on the bottles of...

Organization to help stay cats on campus seeks official recognition

Librarian Cari Alexander had no idea how difficult helping TCU's local strays would be when she developed Frogs and Cats Together, a feral cat organization, four years ago.

Frogs and Cats Together at TCU aims to lower the feral cat population by conducting a trap, neuter and release program. In this program, stray cats are spayed or neutered and released back into the community in an attempt to keep them from breeding.

Dining Services introduces changes to campus eateries

Fans of the Food Network's Iron Chef America series will get a chance to live the experience at Market Square later this month.

The introduction of dinner shows is just one of the many changes implemented after fall break, said Rick Flores, general manager of dining services.

The Expeditions area will have a high-definition camera with speakers to showcase live dinner shows, such as Iron Chef at TCU, Flores said.

University clinic hopes to gain insight on brain injuries’ impact on...

For most people, it takes a lot of time and work to become fluent in a second language.

For some, it takes a brain injury.

TCU speech pathologist Maria Munoz knows a case.

"A student of mine had a brother who had a traumatic brain injury, so one day the mom walks into the hospital to see her injured son and realizes he's speaking French," Munoz said. "The funny thing is he wasn't fluent in French. He'd studied it a little in high school and college, but he wasn't fluent."

Scholarship to assist shortage of nurses

A new scholarship for students at the Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences will address the problem of nursing shortages by increasing student enrollment, a Harris College official said.

Marinda Allender, director of undergraduate programs at the Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences, said the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing awarded $80,000 through their New Careers in Nursing scholarship program to the Harris College to expand the number of students on the accelerated baccalaureate track.

Speaker: Women should protect against HPV

About 75 percent of college students have been exposed to Human papillomavirus, an expert said Saturday at the Smart Women Discussion on Women's Cancer Prevention.

Dr. Mark Messing, chief of obstetrics and gynecology for Harris Methodist HEB hospital, said HPV, a sexually transmitted disease, can be prevented by a vaccine called Gardasil, which is administered before a person becomes sexually active. According to the Food and Drug Addministration, Gardasil can be administered to women and girls ages 13 to 26.

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