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Runway Rivalry

Imagine Neiman Marcus as a giant closet. The assignment: to style your very own fashion show for one of the brand's most anticipated events. Doesn't sound like your typical course curriculum. But that's exactly what it was for students in the promotions principles class of the fashion merchandising program.

Some 400 guests eagerly sat and stood around a runway in the Neiman Marcus store at Ridgmar Mall to get a glimpse of the result of eight weeks of dedication and hard work.

Spring Forward

Fashion often reflects social shifts. The luxury market was hit hard by the recession, and it showed in the dark colors and warrior themes designers have favored in recent years.

In the fall of 2009, designers were portraying a strong woman who was protecting herself and preparing to fight. Female empowerment was depicted by helmets, built-out shoulders and heavy, metal chains. Rather than innovate, designers focused on brand DNA and strengthening the loyalty of their clientele.

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