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Faculty, staff deserve free ticket to games

For the four years I've been attending TCU, our athletics program has been generous toward students, giving every TCU student free admission to all home sporting events.The TCU athletic department has proven that it supports the student body and values student attendance at its sporting events.

But how generous and supportive is it toward faculty and staff?

I guess it depends on how you look at things.

TCU faculty and staff must pay to attend all ticketed sporting events. They don't get free admission like students do.

If used, improved advising benefits students, staff

The majority of advising on campus tends to leave something to be desired.Some students are misadvised and don't graduate on time. Others may not take the time to see their adviser. And still, others sign up for classes they don't need to graduate because no one - advisers or students - seems to know what is needed.

But TCU now has the opportunity to do something about it.

With the adoption of the new Core Curriculum, faculty, staff, administrators and even students have a chance to change advising for the better.

Gay marriage divides students

TCU students are getting involved, taking sides and promoting awareness of an amendment dealing with same-sex marriage that voters will decide on Tuesday."(The proposition) is taking a lot of rights away from a lot of people," said Joanna Bernal, a sophomore news-editorial journalism major and a member of the TCU Gay-Straight Alliance.

"I just feel that the government should focus more on things like education," she said. "They should focus their time more on things that are needed instead of things that are already being handled."

Gay marriage amendment nears vote, stirs disputes

The fate of a controversial new amendment that could legally define marriage in Texas will be decided Nov. 8 in state elections."Not only is...

Be courteous: Clean up after pets

Evil doo-dooers beware.You may someday be in deep doo-doo.

The number of people who own dogs but don't pick up after their dogs is amazing. Walking for about 15 minutes around various neighborhoods, I would say I usually see three to four unclaimed dog doodles sitting there just waiting to be stepped in.

My family's two dogs are usually pretty good at finding them with the sniffing thing they do.

Commuter parking woes still evident on campus

I've always thought the whole parking problem was exaggerated.So, when I heard a commuter student say he didn't go to class because he couldn't find a parking spot, I rolled my eyes.

What? You drove to campus, attempted to park and couldn't find a spot, so you skipped class? Are you serious?

He was, and, actually, that excuse might be legitimate.

As of Sept. 12, the TCU Police Department said it had sold 3,700 commuter parking stickers.

Rankings demonstrate potential

While TCU ranked 97th nationally for academics, it took 12th for fitness and 10th for the influence of the Greek community.One might be quick to say that TCU should study as much as it exercises.

It is easy to draw connections between these numbers and jump to conclusions, but we must remember the magazines doing these rankings were entirely independent and used different methodologies.

We can't link these factors scientifically, but it does raise questions for some.

Gender-based hiring unfair

There are people who think women might not be as qualified as men to coach certain male sports.If a female is more qualified to coach a sport, gender should not be a factor in hiring at all.

Yes, men might respond better to a male coach than a female coach, but we're in the 19th century where women have roles of authority over men both in the government and in the business world.

To say a qualified candidate should not be hired because the person is a woman is an archaic idea.

Ready for the worst, got the best

We were very lucky, but were also very prepared.For those of you not following Hurricane Rita, going to hurricane parties or commenting on the...

TCU could use more drama

RTVF soap opera is great start but we need full stationThere may be enough drama in most college students' lives, but maybe there is room for a little more.

The radio-TV-film department's recent announcement that it is going to put together a student-run soap opera is a great idea.

Where else but college will students get the opportunity to learn the ropes and experiment with different forms of media from newspapers to television, from theater to film?

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