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Professor and veteran newsman reflects on evolution of journalistic ethics

During the Christmas season in the 1950s and 60s, Phil Record, who was working the crime beat for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram at the time, would receive a bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon from the funeral homes that operated the emergency ambulances.

Funeral home operators would thank Record for mentioning their establishments in crime stories as they offered a liquid token of their appreciation.

"Of course, they were hoping I would give them an extra mention in the paper or ambulance call, but I never did," Record said.

Health Center’s efforts to offer discount birth control applaudable

Contraceptives offered by the Health Center are now available to students at a reduced price, thanks to the persistence and hard work of staff...

University should provide students with converter boxes

TCU Connect officials have moved swiftly to ensure that the campus is prepared for the digital transition, which should be commended. However, it seems that in their quest to bring students the superior picture and sound quality that digital provides they have left them on the short end of the stick.

Currently, students without a converter box receive channels 2 through 38, even though they are still paying for the other channels their TV does not get.

TCU Connect's solution is for students to go out and buy a conversion box for their TV.

University slow to follow through with green commitment

Last spring, Chancellor Victor Boschini signed the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment Act, and since then, the university has made some advancements toward fulfilling its commitment.

The commitment calls for universities to reduce their global warming emissions and integrate sustainability into their curriculum to help create a thriving, ethical and civil society, according to the commitment's Web site.

Official: Student-athletes major in diverse fields, counter to study

The degrees that TCU student-athletes are pursuing are quite diverse, counter to a study by USA Today that found student-athletes in some schools cluster in not-so-demanding majors, an athletics official said.

According to the study, 83 percent of the schools have at least one team in which at least 25 percent of the juniors and seniors have the same major. For example, seven of the 19 players on Stanford University's baseball team major in sociology, according to the study.

University recommends 8 to 10 percent budget cut

The university will recommend an across-the-board budget cut of 8 to 10 percent for the next academic school year to the Board of Trustees on Friday in response to the country's economic situation, a university official said.

Brian Gutierrez, vice chancellor for finance and administration, said if accepted, the budget cut would be approved during the spring trustees meeting and save the university about $1.6 million.

Chancellor Victor Boschini said university officials want to make sure the university is prepared for next year.

National organization suggests changes to history programs nationwide

When history professor Jodi Campbell first read a National History Center report calling for the revamping of undergraduate and graduate history curricula in schools nationwide, she thought the history department would have to play catchup. But after reading it, she found that the department was ahead of the game.

Campbell, who is also on the department's undergraduate committee, said the changes the report is pushing, such as focusing on broader ideas instead of names and dates, are exactly the things the department has been stressing.

The Issues: Education

What's at stake:The next president will have the opportunity to shape education polices, such as the No Child Left Behind Act , for the...

Brite to expand facility

In the early 1980s, Newell Williams, then associate dean of Brite Divinity School, was sent on a mission to find more office space in the Jo Ann and Wayne Moore building.

After a trip up to the third floor, he found what he was looking for.

"I came to the third floor and saw a men's room and I thought, 'This is ridiculous, you don't need a bathroom on every floor. If you want go to the restroom you just go downstairs,'" Williams said.

Gas well in limbo after permit withdrawn

Chesapeake Energy has withdrawn its request for the City Council to review a high-impact gas well permit for a proposed well site on campus...
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