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Civil War Anniversary: Government flagpoles should represent U.S. government

My home is in Chicago, but I've also lived in Arkansas and Kentucky. It is accurate to say there are a fair amount of...

Hold off on Nintendo 3DS for risk of eye injury

I love to game. While I'm not a professional video gamer — oh, I only wish — I fall somewhere between casual and hardcore....

Times’ fees push readers away

I don't read The New York Times. Given that many students pay for a subscription to The Wall Street Journal in student fees and...

Google rankings may still be manipulated

Last Thursday, Google changed the way it displays results for users in an attempt to bring higher quality sites to the top, according to a Friday article from The New York Times. This move makes sense for the company. After all, for a search engine, giving users the best possible results is the top priority.

But let's not fool ourselves: for students, this will make very little practical difference.

Transforming libraries not a bad idea

I have a unique appreciation for the value of books. As long as I can remember, my family has collected them. Bookshelves are present in every room in my house. When we last attempted a count, we gave up in the neighborhood of 5,000.

It may be slightly surprising, then, that I do not condemn the transformation of Houston's Lamar High School's library to get rid of books in order to add a coffee shop and e-books. Needless to say, this was not the most popular move. One of the more critical articles in the Houston Press used words such as "appalling," "stupid" and "terrible."

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