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Rescue of Chilean miners a global effort

Major news outlets are currently featuring a story that is not only uplifting and emotionally gripping but has achieved the status as one of the most watched Web events, ever. The mesmerizing live footage of a camera-equipped capsule being lowered half a mile into the bowels of the earth to assist in the rescue of 33 Chilean miners was the product of current advancement in technology and an amicable Chilean government.

Don’t underestimate Baylor football

While enjoying one of the longest home winning streaks in team history is nice, the TCU football team will still need to keep a...

Professor-student Facebook interactions should be cautious, positive

Facebook has always championed interpersonal communication and an open web community.

Therefore, the university should adopt a similar spirit when regulating professor-student relationships on the site. There should be no official policy barring professors to add students as "friends" or vice versa as the college experience is about the passage to adulthood with the requisite responsibilities and freedoms attached.

Tennis teams prepare for matches

While most students are hitting the slopes and the beach, the men's and women's tennis teams are hitting the courts this spring break.

The men's tennis team jumped to No. 39 in the Intercollegiate Tennis Association's rankings after a victory over Tulsa, and will compete against the University of Oklahoma in their next challenge tonight.

No. 20 Oklahoma has an 8-1 season record. The Sooners are entering the match with six consecutive victories under their belt and three singles players ranked in the ITA Top-75.

Championships in view for equestrian team

Ashley Aikman is continuing to propel No. 8 TCU toward another Varsity Equestrian National Championship as the Lady Frogs head into the VENC brackets April 15.

Aikman, a junior from Mission, secured the Horned Frog victory over defending national champion Texas A&M on Feb. 5 in front of 1,623 spectators inside the John Justin Arena. She beat Randi Standley in Horsemanship, 71.25-70.

Sophomore Courtney Chown continued to rally the Frogs in the event, defeating Katie Lisabeth, 72.75-72.5.

Women’s tennis falls to Mustangs 0-7

The No. 23 TCU women's tennis team fell 0-7 to No. 30 SMU during their first home game at the Bayard H. Friedman Tennis Center indoor facility on Wednesday.

"We fought really hard all of the way but were ultimately outclassed," TCU head coach Jefferson Hammond said. "Every single player gave their best but sometimes the best is not enough. We will definitely train harder for the next game."

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