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Rap amplifies overlooked voices

Don't hate the rapper. Hate the game.Here's the way Grandmaster Flash figured rap: "Let's keep it underground. Nobody outside the Bronx would like this stuff anyway."

He was one of hip-hop's most notorious artists, and he was dead wrong.

Rap music, originally just one element in the wider genre of hip-hop, now has evolved into its own style with several sub-categories.

It has become a multi-billion dollar industry spanning fashion wear, movies, television, food and even automobiles.

Global change brought forth by political activism of youth

"Me and all my friends, we're all misunderstood. They say we stand for nothing, and there's no way we ever could." - "Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer.In 1961, President John F. Kennedy signed the executive order that created the Peace Corps, and young adults across the nation joined and embarked on missions across the globe. That same year, college-aged students served as freedom riders, rallying and protesting for civil rights in the South.

Reparations not most equal way to negate 300 years of slavery

The nearly 300-year history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade is one of the most shameful episodes in Western history. Yet it has taken centuries for those responsible for this operation to acknowledge and apologize for their roles.Recently, London Mayor Ken Livingstone tearfully apologized for the role London played in the slave trade. Both former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair and Livingstone have admitted how deeply sorrowed they are about this aspect of their country's history at events prior to Livingstone's recent remarks, but without official apologies.

Political theorist addresses education’s importance at Honor’s Convocation

Liberty is learned through education, said a professor and world-recognized political theorist at Thursday's annual Honors Convocation. About 150 students, faculty, staff and community members attended the hour-long ceremony focusing on students' performance in a global community with performances by the 3-year-old Steel Drum Band and a keynote speaker, Benjamin R. Barber.

Barber, University of Maryland professor of civil society, is a best-selling author, president and director of CivWorld, a non-governmental organization campaigning for democracy.

Internet Politics

Meet John. He's a 53-year-old Gemini who likes Bruce Springsteen with 18,348 friends on the popular social networking site MySpace.com. Meet Mitt. He has 5,257 friends, is 60 years old, married and listens to the Beatles and Roy Orbison. Their occupations: U.S. senator, former governor and 2008 presidential hopefuls.MySpace.com and other social networking sites, such as Facebook.com and Friendster.com, appeal to a core audience of 18- to 25-year-olds, a demographic that will play a key role in the 2008 election, according to a March article in the Washington Post.

Honors Convocation brings new band, procession additions

Today's 45th annual Honors Convocation will focus on making students aware of a global community as a best-selling author and professor delivers the keynote address.Honors Convocation is a ceremony held to celebrate the conclusion of senior honors presentations, the announcement of the Honors Scholar Award, the Faculty Recognition Award and an opportunity to hear a lecturer speak on an academic or current issue, said Katie Quinn, honors program coordinator.

TCU News Now program faces uncertain future

TCU News Now students met with Chancellor Victor Boschini on Monday to discuss the future of the three-year-old student-led news station threatened by next semester's low enrollment.News Now volunteers Christina Durano and Hilary Whittier have begun a movement to try to improve student participation and funding for the news station that will have to be scaled down from its current weekly show because of low student enrollment for the upcoming fall semester.

Bright Lights to Books

He slaves over periodic tables and biology notes. He doesn't sleep the night before an organic chemistry exam. In the little spare time he does have, he gives guitar lessons.Oh yeah, and he's wooed actress Amanda Bynes' character on the CW sitcom "What I like About You".

J. Mack Slaughter Jr. is a 23-year-old sophomore neuroscience major whose journey to TCU has involved traveling across Texas in a family singing group, singing in a boy band and acting on television and movie sets in Los Angeles.

Groups unite for Praise Fest

The muddy ground of Sadler Lawn did not stop more than 50 students from following Lady Michelle Nurse as she led the crowd Sunday...

Mavericks dancer to judge singing competition

American Idol hopefuls won't be the only contestants singing for a live audience tonight. Like the popular national singing competition, TCU students will sing in front of a panel of judges and audience members. However, in a unique twist, contestants will have the opportunity to sing songs in different languages.

Roland Guerrero, president of Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Inc., said he came up with the idea of hosting a karaoke-type event after watching American Idol and hearing about the British, Australian and Mexican idol competitions.

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