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Use time wisely, don’t waste it on Web sites

Anyone can get on Facebook now, which means anyone can see your profile. MySpace has been public since its inception, while Facebook used to be exclusive to the college community. I'm not the most technologically savvy person, but I can figure out how to set up a profile on both of these sites. I don't have a MySpace site, but I am a part of the Facebook community. I have friends on MySpace, and I see few differences in the two communities. On MySpace, you can color and add music to your page. On Facebook, you can add large amounts of pictures.

Library meant for studying, not eating, talking, napping

We have all been guilty of this at one time or another. It's different when it's the phone call that just needs to be answered, the papers that have to be everywhere or the bag of chips that has to be eaten.

But when it is someone else committing these crimes against your studious ways, the call is the last thing you're interested in hearing, the papers seem a little bigger, and the chips always sound a little louder.

A library is a place to study, to start or finish a paper or do a little research.

Take advantage of Election Day

Many American college students blow off the opportunity to do something people on the other side of the world risk their lives to do.Tuesday is Election Day, and unfortunately, students who are eligible to vote in Tarrant County may treat it no differently than any other day of the year.

That's a shame.

The deadline for registration has long since passed, and if you did not register, you lost your chance to vote and your right to complain about the candidate who is elected.

Off-campus housing preferable

So you've lived on campus for a year. Congratulations. Are you ready for round two, or are you thinking that one-bedroom apartment sounds better?Let's weigh the pros and cons and make a decision before the housing deposit is due:

Top 10 reasons to live on campus:

1.) Being closer to your classes means more opportunities to sleep in.

2.) Travel time to class is 15 minutes tops, no matter where you live.

3.) Parking is an inconvenience you encounter only occasionally.

Jobs don’t rob you of college life

I've had two different jobs since my sophomore year. More important, I realized having a job isn't social suicide, partly because I feel I have a balance of friends from work and friends from school.

My roommate is one of my best friends. I met her at my first job, and we now live together.

Finding a balance between work, school and time for the miscellaneous, be that socializing or studying, is crucial.

Employees will have free busing

Sodexho employees will now be able to enjoy one of the perks TCU students, faculty and staff often take for granted - the use of TCU identification cards to use Fort Worth transportation for free.As of last week, Sodexho employees who work with TCU Dining Services did not have university IDs.

Chancellor Victor Boschini said he was not aware that the employees did not have IDs.

"I thought everyone had them," Boschini said.

Swimming – H2O Frogs values accomplished coach

Head swimming coach Richard Sybesma has been a part of the TCU community for 27 years - longer than the football, baseball, basketball and soccer coaches combined.In those 27 years, Sybesma has brought a number of championships and national acclaim to the TCU swimming and diving program.

But championships aren't what keep Sybesma coming back.

Sybesma says it's the people.

Forming lasting relationships with athletes that transcend their time at TCU is what he says he treasures.

Mavericks owner comes to campus

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will speak at 9:30 a.m. today in the Brown-Lupton Student Center Lounge.During a 30-minute question and answer session, Cuban will be discussing Mavs U.

Mavs U is a program through which college students will be able to purchase tickets to professional basketball games for $10.

"Students could get Platinum-Level seats for $10," said Natalie Boone, the Programming Council adviser.

Ticket purchases will be based on availability for any Premium Upper Level ticket to any weekday home games.

Football – BCS sparks more debate

Get your calculator ready.Last season, Southern California finished No. 1 in the Associated Press and USA Today polls, No. 2 in the BCS, received two first place votes out of the six BCS computer rankings and had a BCS average percentage of .9770.

Seems simple enough, right?

With the ever-changing components and calculations, the Bowl Championship Series continually causes disputes among coaches, commentators and fans.

The alternative option in determining a national champion would be a playoff system.

Free fallin’

The Army's Golden Knights allowed two of TCU's own to participate in a practice jump Friday morning in preparation for Saturday's Homecoming game.Head football coach Gary Patterson and Mary Volcansek, dean of AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences, tandem jumped with the Golden Knights as part of an exhibition jump that doubled as preparation for the dropping of the game ball.

Volcansek and TCU Media Relations said no media were allowed at Fort Worth Alliance Airport, but there was a small crowd of spectators awaiting them at the Intramural Fields.

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