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Saturday, April 17, 2021


Truth will not always set you free; little white lies never...

There is a saying, honesty is the best policy.

What the originator of this message didn’t realize, was that this was in fact, a lie. I find that in very few situations this message actually rings true, especially when it comes your parents.

What you are probably thinking is that I am a dirty rotten liar. In truth, I am not.

Use your body for money, legally

I’m in debt. I owe money to various companies such as the Gap, the Limited, Old Navy and Capital One. I have to admit, I’m a...

Anxious, girls? Take initiative!

Waiting. And waiting. And waiting some more. Horrible isn’t it? Waiting is unbearable, which is why I hate it. What’s worse is sitting by the phone on a Saturday...
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