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Sunday, June 20, 2021


Iraq envoy draws war protesters

As former ambassador Paul Bremer spoke inside Ed Landreth Auditorium Friday, student protestors outside voiced their opposition to the war in Iraq."What Will War Accomplish?" read a sign held by one student protestor on the lawn outside the auditorium.

Bremer, who served as presidential envoy to Iraq, spoke to promote his new book "My Year in Iraq: The Struggle to Build a Future of Hope."

Lyndsay Peden, a freshman biology and political science major, is one of the students who organized the anti-war protest, which varied in size, ranging from four to 12 people.

Official: Drought looms despite rain

The drought in the Dallas/Fort Worth area has caused many widespread wildfires, but the region could soon face more serious effects even after Sunday's rain, said representatives from the National Weather Service.Steve Fano, a representative of the National Weather Service's Fort Worth office, said that aside from the apparent wildfires, the region is beginning to see other major problems caused by the drought.

"Ranchers are being forced to move their cattle out of the area or truck in hay," Fano said. "Without rain, they can't grow an adequate food supply."

New class swinging into past

The TCU community now has a chance to learn the art of swing dancing in a seven-lesson course beginning tonight.Swing is a jitterbug-style dance that started during World War II and became increasingly popular during the 1950s. The main types of swing, the East Coast and the West Coast, both use a six-beat pattern that can be performed to many types of music.

The beginner-level class teaches students how to dance the East Coast Swing step by step. The course's instructors said students will learn everything they need to know to lead or follow like a pro.

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