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Safe-rides program faces trials, lacks funds

Student Government Association members trying to create a safe-rides program, which would provide transportation for students under the influence of substances, could face funding and liability issues.Approximately 30 percent of undergraduates report having driven under the influence, said Angela Taylor, director of the Alcohol & Drug Education Center.

"The important thing is that we have a program that reduces potential harm and does not enable other high-risk behaviors," Taylor said.

Spring Break Guide

Spring Break is a time for wet T-shirt contests, road trips and women and men alike to go wild. It's an opportunity to spend all of your money on postcards you will never remember to send and knickknacks that will break before you get out of the store. Spring Break is also a chance to torture unsuspecting family and friends with countless photographs of you posing with the largest paper clip in Nowheresville, USA.

Single status shouldn’t stop Valentine’s Day activities, fun

So, it's Valentine's Day, and, once again, you find yourself alone. Instead of dressing in all black to mourn the loss of America's soul due to commercialism, renting all of the chick flicks in your local video store before any happy couples can get their hands on them or calling in to every radio show and requesting "Love Stinks," consider that being single is not a death sentence.

No one is chaining you to your couch and forcing you to eat those five gallons of Ben and Jerry's. Enjoying Valentine's Day - or not - is your choice.

Faculty Senate to review code

Pending approval from the Faculty Senate, the Student Government Association may soon launch an honor code system, which has been in the works for...

News Brief: SGA inagurates new officers

Members of the Student Government Association inaugurated new officers Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in the D.J. Kelly Alumni Center. The inauguration was the 93rd in the organization's history. Chief Justice Neal Jackson inaugurated President Jace A. Thompson, Vice President Thomas A. Pressly, Programming Council Chair Kristen Chapman and Treasurer Nathan D. Arnold.

Chapman inaugurated the Programming Council officers.

Tori Hutchens, Speaker of the House, inaugurated the officers of the House of Student Representatives.

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