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Skilled player should get promotion

In August of 1994, Major League baseball went on strike, prematurely ending the season, breaking the hearts of baseball supporters and denying fans the World Series. The far-reaching effects of the strike irreparably damaged the relationship between fans, owners and players. Fans' immediate, angry and justified divorce from the nation's oldest game plagued the minds of owners and players looking for ways to re-attract fans back to baseball.

Minimum salary for MLB would force small-market owners to spend money

Last Monday actor Michael Keaton - star of "Batman," "Batman Returns" and, of course, "Jack Frost" - threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Pittsburgh Pirates' home opener against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Keaton, a Pittsburgh native and lifelong Pirates fan, raised eyebrows by taking shots at the Pirates' management, notorious for not spending any money on salary, after he threw out the first pitch."I fear they will take advantage of the goodwill of the people who continue to show up," said the Actor Formerly Known as Bruce Wayne. "For my money, it's disrespectful.

Men’s basketball needs change

The disappointing TCU men's basketball season came to an end a few days before Spring Break. And it is obvious Danny Morrison, TCU's Athletic Director, must fire Neil Dougherty, TCU's head basketball coach. The future of the program hangs in the balance.Dougherty, a lifelong assistant coach at Kansas, Vanderbilt and Cameron University, was hired in 2002 to win games, lead the Frogs to the top of the conference, land recruits who can be developed to fit and progress in the TCU system and recruit talent similar to the talent he allegedly recruited at Kansas and Vanderbilt.

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