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Scholar opinions should be valued more than celebrities’

I saw a great little number on YouTube.com a few days ago by some influential celebrities attempting to use reverse psychology to get people to vote. The video was called "Don't Vote." It was effective.

I'm already a registered voter and although I believe my vote is merely a grain of sand, it's my piece of the beach. We can all agree if everyone thought cynically about his or her voice in the world, the system would collapse. So, thank you to all those positive people out there who acknowledge that although you don't really matter, it's important to let people know you exist.

Crocs shoes ugly, further exhausts resources

We need to discuss an issue which we've all had to deal with recently. We've avoided it as long as we can, but this mockery must to be stopped.

I'm going to come out and say it: Crocs shoes are ugly and worthless. I figured people would have come to this conclusion without an editorial, but my faith in mankind has been shattered. People have obsessed over these monstrosities for so long, they've been brainwashed into believing they are fashionable and trendy. I'm here to break the curse.

Clinton’s convention speech effective in unifying Party

Hillary Clinton's Tuesday night speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver was as effective as her gaudy, orange pant-suit. It kept my attention, served its purpose and was aesthetically disturbing.

It all began with a stunning video homage to the former first lady's life work followed by a heartfelt introduction by daughter Chelsea Clinton, whom I actually had the opportunity to speak with when she came to campus last semester.

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