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Finding spouse not sole purpose of getting college education

Read more:Morgan Blunk's column from Image magazine Morgan Blunk: Image column intended to be satire, not serious commentary Image magazine editorial staff: Magazine contains...

Don’t let prejudices determine who your election votes favor

There is a lot in life I have come to realize I don't understand. I think that's what education is supposed to do: teach...

Help solve hate, discrimination problems for future generations

Our parents constantly preached responsibility to us, and we routinely rolled our eyes at the discipline we received after we made a mistake. But what happens when our parents or guardians are no longer around to deliver an appropriate punishment when we fail to live up to our responsibilities, our communities, our nation and one another? This weekend, I was able to visit the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site while attending the National Women's History Project Conference.

Appearance isn’t everything, celebrate Love Your Body Day

Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? How many times have we heard this question, particularly directed toward women? But seriously, do you like what you see?

In the movie "Mean Girls," to quote a beloved and, of course, credible source, one of the main characters who comes into the "popular crowd" observes she "never knew there could be so many things wrong with your body." Another girl looks at her hands and says, "My cuticles are horrible."


Beliefs should not affect right to health

There is one thing I don't like about college other than the atrocious amount of parking tickets I get: The infuriating issues that I encounter in my classes. Some days I would rather stay in bed and pretend that while I slept, no one was being taken advantage of, no one was being forced from his or her home or injustice did not occur. But I go to class or I read the paper and my utopia becomes riddled with the bullets of reality.

Action overseas knows no borders

Do you ever read something or see something that just breaks your heart? For some people, it's an animal without a home; for others it is someone sitting by themselves for lunch.My heart breaks for the aforementioned but also for the rape, murder and destruction in Darfur, Sudan.

When the Holocaust was over, the world cried out, "Never again!" We have backed down from our promise.

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