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Faculty should work all term

A lot of people on campus get lazy during this time of the semester.But, while students can be excused by having had months of weekly papers, quizzes, homework and jobs, TCU faculty have no excuse.

Professors are paid to be here, teach us, test us and grade those tests. It's not too much to ask a professor to return graded tests in the class following the test day. It's inexcusable when a professor takes more than a week to grade a test, unless that teacher is grading novel-sized essay exams.

Bush, Senate need accordance

The U.S. Senate approved a bill Thursday requiring President Bush to withdraw troops from Iraq within 120 days of the passage of the bill.Although...

Libraries should be filter-free

The Fort Worth Public Library is considering adding filters to regulate Internet access at public libraries, according to an article in Tuesday's Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The filters would be implemented to help control the material users under 17 could have access to on public computers.Our libraries should remain free of restrictions, despite concerns from parents and watch-dog groups about obscenity and what young people should be allowed to explore.

Bush’s spring break visit not enough

Over the next few days, President Bush will conduct a five-country tour of Latin America to "underscore the commitment of the United States to the Western Hemisphere," according to the White House.Bravo to Bush for backpacking through Brazil, but it comes about five years too late; anti-U.S. sentiment has already gained a foothold down south.

While the current administration has ignored its Southern neighbors for almost seven years, much of Latin America has moved on to find other, local friends, such as socialist leaders Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Evo Morales of Bolivia.

News agencies shouldn’t serve as soapboxes to governments

You know the adage "there are always two sides to every story"? It's true for news reporting, too.Last month, news agencies worldwide reported the abduction of an Iranian diplomat in Baghdad. Most agencies' stories shared a common ground of what, where, when and how. There was, however, some discrepancy about who and why.

It's widely reported that masked men abducted Jalal Sharafi from his car at gunpoint Feb. 4. Exactly who orchestrated and conducted the kidnapping is disputed by Iranian and U.S. government officials.

U.S. can benefit from women in politics

In the past 10 years, women have increasingly become more important in U.S. politics.It's about time that, 86 years after women earned the right to vote, Americans see a significant change in political gender.

Madeleine Albright became the first female U.S. Secretary of State 10 years ago. Just this year, Nancy Pelosi became the first female Speaker of the House.

And divisive as she is, Hillary Clinton is, without a doubt, the first female presidential candidate with a strong chance of winning, or at least earning a significant amount of votes.

International focus fulfills mission statement

Thanks to the lower cost of studying abroad and moves to embrace bilingualism on campus, TCU is going global.TCU and the Center for International...

Honor code ineffective idea

In Tuesday's Skiff, it was reported that the Student Government Association is awaiting Faculty Senate approval to institute an honor code system.Since its inception in Spring 2006, the SGA Honor Code Task Force has met regularly to work on the system.

Justin Brown, chair of Student Affairs, said the SGA Honor Code Task Force's goal is to decrease cheating and increase integrity through the introduction of this system.

Those are high expectations to come from a simple system of rules drafted by a small group of students.

Time right for studying abroad

Calling all prospective world travelers! Studying abroad just got 25 percent cheaper.TCU and the Center for International Studies have come together to reduce prices on Study Abroad summer programs.

The various programs include studies in dance, environmental issues and journalism in places as diverse as the British Isles, Costa Rica, Japan and Spain.

Studying abroad is an enriching experience, but the high cost of doing so has likely kept many students at home during the summer instead.

Parking woes continue; get over it

Parking at TCU is always a good way to start a conversation on campus with a complete stranger.Most people would agree: parking here sucks. It's no secret.

But it's time for the complaining community as a whole to get over it; nothing is going to change anytime soon.

The administration is too caught up in its revising of Main Campus to seriously consider what to do about where people can put their cars.

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