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Holidays lost to commercialism

"Lucky me, loving you/ morning, noon and nighttime, too!"With Valentine's Day just past, I am certain several cards expressing sentiments like the one above were sent out yesterday. The message may be cute, but it is not genuine. It doesn't express the sender's feelings toward the recipient. Instead, it is the cheesy brainchild of someone who works in an office building in New York, or wherever Hallmark is based.

Teams deserving of spirited fan support

TCU students have become the ultimate example of fair-weather fans.It is hypocritical to expect our basketball team to do well if we, the student body, do not back them up. Our lack of support is a weakness in the team's game.

I am always disappointed when I hear a TCU student, who does not show up in the arena to cheer on the team, complain about our season. How can we expect a stellar season if we neglect to root for our team?

When the players do not have fans counting on them and yelling for them, they are disadvantaged by a loss of motivation.

Plus/minus grading motivates students

TCU is making the grade with its new proposed system of evaluating student academics.The Academic Excellence Committee of the Faculty Senate is currently working to implement a new grading system as early as Fall 2007. Instead of the existing system consisting of simply A's, B's, C's and so on, pluses and minuses will be thrown into the mix. Though the OK has not yet been given, this new method of grading has already been the catalyst of much controversy around campus.

Recycling needs more attention, action

For TCU students, destroying the environment and trashing valuable resources isn't merely a bad habit - it's a way of life.But how can one blame them when the university itself fails to implement a successful recycling program, or at the very least, make students aware that recycling actually does exist on campus?

It is perplexing to realize that this campus is the same one that, in 1990, won a Clean Cities "Good Neighbor" Award for recycling, according to a recent Skiff article. Now the university doesn't even come close to such a standing.

Record number to graduate in December ceremony

Representing the largest class ever to graduate in December, 582 students will receive their degrees at the commencement ceremony scheduled to take place at 1 p.m. Dec. 17 in Daniel-Meyer Coliseum."The school has grown over the last several years, and every class seems to be larger than the one before it," said Patrick Miller, university registrar and director of enrollment management.

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