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Skype is innovative but impersonal

I remember movies with scores of people driving hover cars, wearing aluminum foil like it's the only material left to make clothing, and using an electronic voice activator for just about everything, from toothpaste to opening their front doors.

This world has been crafted and envisioned for decades by curious minds who wonder what the future might hold. Although we are not all wearing space boots, our technological advancements are much closer to our perception of "the future" than we care to realize.

Young voters should vote with responsibility, not brashly

The life of a college student is constantly changing 8212; this is the time we lay the foundation for our values, opinions and beliefs....

E-readers and books hold a delicate balance

Feeling the beads of sweat drip down a heroine's face, seeing a beautiful sunset out of a narrator's bedroom window or hearing the sobs of a star-crossed lover is to know the world of a good book. What takes you beyond the written word to the story behind it is the author's beautifully constructed vernacular and passion for the subject. From the tales of Shakespeare's love triangles to the anguish of George Orwell's "1984," books of literary merit resonate through history and continue to affect people.

Oscars on the right path to representing a wider scope of...

Hollywood, since its inception, has captivated the hearts and imaginations of millions.

Almost everyone at some point has fantasized about his or her shining moment. Whether you're partial to Tom Hanks, Vin Diesel or Nicole Kidman, somewhere deep inside is a fantasy about being a star. As Hollywood has certainly taught us, we know that anything's possible in the land of movie magic.

Consequently, Hollywood moguls have to have some way of separating the haves from the have-nots.

Focus of 2009 on drama, not news

Anyone who disagrees that the news isn't a form of entertainment should try flipping the channel to CNN sometime.The latest eccentricity within the pages...

Satire: 2012 apocalypse a likely occurrence

It is about time someone accurately depicts the end of the world.

Today, the long anticipated movie "2012" hits theaters and will tell the story of how the world will come to an end in a little more than two years.

But how could that be fair at all? Society won't get to witness the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics. What will our next president accomplish? Freshmen, we won't even be able to graduate.

Fair Trade coffee is a full cup of fairness

Who couldn't resist the soothing intonations of the folksy melody in Bob Dylan's classic "The Times They Are A-Changin'?" The harmonica riffs and easy-going...

Free time and boredom lead to destructive patterns

We are concluding the eighth week of classes for the Fall semester.

Fall break blessed us with a short three-day week, the football team has yet to do anything less than impress and the first round of tests are only memories. Whether it affects those with graduate school only a year away, those only months out of high school or anyone in between, the same schedule and inexorable pile of homework can leave many in a state of ennui.

Rivalry good for sport, overboard pranks irresponsible

Two of the most prestigious universities in the world - Harvard and Yale - are claimed to be home to some of the greatest minds, and some of the greatest pranksters, too.

Date: Nov. 20, 2004. Location: the Harvard-Yale football game at Harvard Stadium. Persons involved: the "Harvard Pep Squad" and fans. On game day, the avid pep squad arrived at the venue with placards in hand to pass out to a select group of Crimson aficionados who would then hold up the pieces in one big expression of school-spirited unity.

Cue in the catch.

Foolish expectation causes disappointment

Last week a woman from a suburb of Detroit went on a date that took a turn for the worse - and the peculiar....
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