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The Skiff View – Science and math essential for strengthening education...

The Starpoint School's victory at a regional robotics competition inspires confidence in the education program's commitment to promoting math and science education.

The sixth grade team - the Starpoint Pavers - won top honors after beating 63 teams in the North Texas-Oklahoma regional competition sponsored by the FIRST LEGO League International program.

In a January speech, President Barack Obama pointed out an assessment that ranked American teenagers at No. 21 in science and No. 25 in math compared to their peers around the world.

SGA shows wisdom in discussion of gossip website

Even though some Student Government Association representatives have strong feelings about the gossip website CollegeACB.com, the group acted with commendable restraint in its discussion...

SGA should re-examine allocation of funds

With other comparable schools like Baylor University and Rice University charging students an annual fee that nears or is more than $100, and with no increases to the TCU student body fee since 2005 , it was warranted for the Student Government Association to propose to raise the annual student body fee from $48 a year to $90.

While an increase in the student body fee is merited, SGA should re-examine how that funding will be allocated if the Board of Trustees approves the proposal.

DWI arrest on 3500 block of Bellaire Drive North, no injuries...

Fort Worth Police arrested a 21-year-old male student on suspicion of driving while intoxicated after the student's car struck an electrical pole and spun out of control on the 3500 block of Bellaire Drive North late Thursday night, police said.

TCU Police Cpl. John Thornhill said no passengers were in the car, also adding that no pedestrians were injured. The student driver was not injured, Thornhill said.

The student was driving a black Lexus westward on Bellaire Drive North when he hit an electrical pole and lost control of the vehicle, police said.

NIU acted promptly with counseling program

At Northern Illinois University, school officials and staff members have taken extra steps to ensure the well-being of students directly affected by a campus shooting in 2008.

The Office of Support and Advocacy was created to provide assistance to the 157 students enrolled in a geology class where five students were killed by a gunman in February 2008, as well as the roommates and close friends of the five students who died, in addition to students in the immediate vicinity of the classroom where the shooting occurred.

Last Call: Oui Lounge bartender remembered as a philosopher

With patrons abuzz in conversation, beer in hand, and cigarette smoke snaking into a haze above the din, this might appear to be a just another Saturday night at the Oui Lounge, a staple neighborhood hangout in Blue Bonnet Circle. But a familiar face - one with a cowboy hat and a foot-long graying beard - is missing.

Guitarist Bill Hamm and a group of musicians suddenly cease playing.

"Stand up and hoist it up," a male voice says, as dozens of patrons packed in the bar raise their drink. "To Trent!"

Letter from the editor: Transparency crucial

Usually when you pick up the Skiff, you'll notice a sports picture on the left-hand side inviting you to flip to page 6. Or...

Letter from the editor: Feedback forum up and running

The Skiff wants your feedback, and we're making it easier for you to tell us what you think and what you want to see in your newspaper.

Go to dailyskiff.com and look to your right. A red tab that reads "feedback" will be there. Click on it, and then click on the "Go to Our Feedback Forum" link on the pop-up. Once there, type your suggestion in the search box. If there are no matches, you can click on the "Create New Idea" button below the search box. You do not need to create an account with the Skiff or a third party Web site to leave a suggestion.

Theft highlights free speech concerns

Some say that any publicity is good publicity. Administrators at Texas A&M University-Commerce may not agree after the university, which doesn't usually appear in headlines, stepped into the national spotlight this week after several publications and blogs, including The Associated Press and ESPN, disseminated comments by its football coach praising players for reportedly stealing hundreds of copies of the school newspaper. The lead story in the newspaper was a report about members of the football team facing drug charges.

Participation in census benefits future students

Other than voting, it's difficult to think of an easier way to make a difference than to participate in the census.Federal law mandating participation...
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