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For student, comedy is serious business

At a time when most students will be graduating and looking for a career, one will pursue his dream of being funny for a living.

Grayson Howe, a senior communication studies major, is a member of the local comedy troupe Curtis Needs a Ride, which he plans to continue performing with after college.

Howe said everyone around him has been supportive of his decision to pursue a career in sketch comedy, even his mother and father.

Impromptu cricket group stimulates hope for club team

taff Reporter

The game of cricket continually fills stadiums in many parts of the world. A group of students hope that creating a club team will raise awareness of the sport a little closer to home.

Nitesh Kalwar, a sophomore accounting and finance major, and 20 other students began playing cricket together last semester, Kalwar said. The players are all experienced but newcomers to the sport are welcome to come play, he said.

Mountain West presents eight-team playoff proposal

Many college football fans across the country screamed for change during the bowl season. The Mountain West Conference answered and will direct the battle against the current Bowl Championship Series system.

The conference presented an eight-team playoff proposal to the BCS, said Javan Hedlund, associate commissioner for communications of the Mountain West Conference. The nine university presidents known as the Mountain West Conference Board of Directors prompted the decision, Hedlund said.

Technology Resources uses chat service to help students

Instant messaging and chat rooms have switched from entertaining students to answering their technological queries.

Bryan Lucas, executive director of Technology Resources said customer service staff came up with the idea and implemented a chat room program last February. The program is another way the Computer Help Desk can help students from anywhere on or off campus, he said.

Customer service staff thought a chat program would be a good way to communicate with students, Lenelda Pennington, associate director of customer services, said.

Organization helps market student musicians

Editor's note: This story was revised for accuracy at 2:20 p.m. Tuesday.

A new student organization that gives student musicians the opportunity to demonstrate their musical talent is testing the idea that nothing good ever happens after midnight.

Living Out a United Dream helps market students involved with different musical arts to the community, said LOUD creator Mike Vosters, a sophomore marketing major. The organization finds performance venues, promotes shows and searches for ways to gain more advertising, he said.

Official: University not affected by IRS probe

The Internal Revenue Service's recent investigation of colleges and universities should not have an effect on TCU, a university official said.Brian Gutierrez, vice chancellor...

Coach: Tennis team faces greater challenge this year

The women's tennis team is set to return to action Saturday against the University of Virginia.

The No. 25-ranked Horned Frogs will face off against the No. 41-Cavaliers in Charlottesville, Va. Last March, the Horned Frogs topped the Cavaliers by a score of 6-1.

This time around it will be a little more difficult, head coach Jefferson Hammond said.

"It will definitely be a tough battle this year, much tougher than last year," Hammond said. "We're a better team this year, but they are as well."

Program with Mexican sister school stays on hiatus

TCU's Mexican sister school, Universidad de las Americas Puebla, remains on probation from accrediting agency Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, but one TCU official said the university is open to restoring a previous agreement if the probation is removed.

David Whillock, dean of the College of Communication wrote in an e-mail that he believes the suspension of the dual degree plan will eventually be lifted and students from UDLA and students from TCU will again have the opportunity for a dual degree from both institutions.

Rifle team to face Air Force this weekend

The university rifle team is aiming to start the semester off right with a victory over the Air Force Academy on Saturday.The team will...
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