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McCain should choose younger running mate

Correction: The following column should have said if Sen. John McCain "can recruit a female running mate, he may pick up votes from those undecided voters who would like to see a diverse ticket, but may be disenchanted with the Democratic Party's nomination process." The meaning of the sentence was incorrect due to an editing error.

John McCain announced Wednesday that he has compiled a list of 20 people he is considering for the No. 2 spot on the Republican ticket, though he is not releasing names.

Anti-gay Okla. legislator a state embarrassment

Oklahoma is known for its violent storms, but recently, a different kind of storm has created news in Oklahoma and beyond. Her name is Sally Kern.

Kern is a Republican state legislator in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Her office is in the state's massive Capitol building, located near downtown Oklahoma City. It was there, in the Oklahoma Capitol's rotunda, where hundreds of protestors gathered March 18 to ask Kern for an apology.

But, she wasn't in the building.

Texas two-step brings raucous caucus

The street was jammed with cars and pedestrians jogging across the road to avoid oncoming traffic. Many men and women were waiting in their cars, listening to the radio while switching out placeholders in the seemingly-endless line. Those waiting in line talked of the crisp, cool air and the need for a little more security. Shouldn't there be police?

Inside the cramped, stuffy one-story building, confusion was apparent and frustration threatened to surface. More than 100 people crammed into the space within minutes, wondering aloud where to go and what to do.

Texas Democrats vote early in record numbers

In the first week of early voting throughout Texas, election officials saw a record turnout for the March 4 Texas primaries. After one week of early voting in 2004, Tarrant County reported fewer than 800 voters for the state's Democratic primary. This year, more than 40,000 have casted votes to determine who will earn the Democratic nomination, more than twice the votes cast for the Republican primary, according to Tarrant County early voting reports.

Cuba’s change in leadership uneventful

In his resignation letter - printed on the front page of Cuba's state-run publication, Granma - Fidel Castro writes of his failing health and his inability to continue as Cuba's president. "This I say devoid of all drama," he writes.

Democrats face tough choice between the credibility and likability of candidates

Following the results of Super Tuesday, one thing was clear: The front-runner for the Democratic nomination is anything but clear.

Democratic primaries and caucuses in 24 states across the country attracted voters who said the nation's economy is at the top of their minds, followed by the war in Iraq, according to a CNN exit poll. While this news is probably no surprise to Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, it does raise questions about which candidate is best equipped for the White House.

McCain could bring Republicans together

Following his critical win in Florida, John McCain told The Associated Press he was the candidate who could unite the Republican Party. As the solidified front-runner in the race for the Republican nomination, McCain may be right, but he's got a long way to go.

Enabling voters to move past the legacy left by President Bush is only a start to uniting the fractured GOP, divided over what to do about an economy near recession, a seemingly endless war and a failed immigration plan.

Prosecutors should be careful to convict

Earlier this month, Charles Chatman, a man convicted in Dallas County of rape and sentenced to 99 years in prison, was exonerated and released based on DNA evidence. Chatman served more than 26 years behind bars.

The judge who granted his release took Chatman out for a steak dinner - a small gesture, but a signal of growing interest among some Texans in providing justice, not just convictions.

Democratic front-runners should focus on economy

Financial giant Citigroup announced a $10 billion quarterly loss Tuesday, the worst in the company's history. The same day, Democratic rivals Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama each released statements effectively ending the days-long bitter feud between the candidates that had dominated election coverage.

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