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Ask before judging suspended constitution

Most students are not in tune to every move Student Government Association makes, but it might be beneficial to listen up now. Tuesday night the...

Horned Frogs fare well in post-grad opportunities

Several recent TCU graduates have been awarded Fulbright scholarships and have been given the opportunity to travel abroad to teach English, study and conduct...

A letter from the editor-in-chief

Welcome back! As the TCU community adjusts to new classes, schedules and buildings, the Daily Skiff has taken on some new changes as well....

TCU students in Washington understand the relationship between media and politics

Students at TCU do not typically talk on the phone with former President Jimmy Carter, sit face-to-face with Gen. Colin Powell and get funny...

When politicians argue, Americans lose

At Wednesday night's annual Schieffer Symposium on the News, topics like the future of the media, the dark time in American economics and the...

Sex on Campus

F riday night. Bass rhythm. Tight jeans. Dim lighting. Perfect. Cold beers, smooth shots. One after another8212;after another. The room spins faster and faster....

Legislators should consider the kids

Between all the debate and uproar about the coming cuts in the Texas budget, there have been plenty of objections when it comes to...

One ‘sex ed’ class in middle school doesn’t cut it for...

Just say no.

We've heard it related to drug use, and many educators take that same approach when they attempt to teach what I cringe to call "sexual education." The fact of the matter is they hardly educate at all.

The study discussed in Wednesday's column, "Lower teen sex rate proves abstinence works," concluded that from 2006 to 2008 fewer young adults chose to become sexually active. However, the study did not come to a conclusion of why that is. I refuse to believe it is the result of sexual education that hinged on the "abstinence only" viewpoint.

Dream Machines should be just the start in university’s recycling effort

With global efforts toward sustainability increasing drastically, the university should do all it can to help promote green efforts on campus.

The Dream Machines would be a convenient way for students to recycle on campus, and providing incentives in the form of gift certificates and coupons makes that opportunity even better.

Furthermore, the machines come at an extremely low cost to the university, leaving administrators little excuse for not allowing the machines to be installed.

Tim Halperin moves on to Idol’s Top 24

After performing an original piece for his final audition, alumnus Tim Halperin took his place as one of the top 24 contestants on "American Idol" on Thursday night.

"American Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez said that although she had been a fan of Halperin's since the beginning of his "Idol" journey, she thought he should continue to improve. All three judges encouraged him to begin showing his deeper message and identity as an artist.

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