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Magazine content contains more than opinion columns

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Honor code product of student initiative

The test wasn't even for him.The student, whose name can't be released because of privacy rules, had run into a business school course the day before and stolen a blank test - but it wasn't even for him - he said he took the test for his fraternity brothers.

However, whether the test was for his own benefit no longer mattered. When the senior associate dean walked through the spotless glass doors of the marketing department, this student was the one who was going to have to explain the incident.

Speakers to discuss sex-trade industry, human trafficking issues

Red light. The bright signal halts traffic until it is replaced by the green glow that restarts the flow of everyday movement - but, as one American couple will share tonight, not all red light efforts are that simple.Christa and Mark Crawford, who now live and work in Thailand, will touch on the complexities of the sex-trade industry in their presentation, "Red Light Rescue," though, as they have found, the solution for bringing women out of the industry is not always clear-cut.

Unhealthy food ads targeting children deserve foreign ban

France recently joined the ranks of European countries weighing in on the effort to curb the rising percentage of obesity among children - currently at about 20 percent worldwide and growing by about 400,000 children each year, according to the World Health Organization.Food advertisements in France will now accompany cautions about eating too much sugar and fat, notes encouraging consumers to eat more fruits and vegetables and notes advising consumers to avoid snacking and to participate in physical activities.

Marriage sacred, not right for everyone

Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband to love and to cherish ...Sounds familiar, right? That's because for most of its history, the definition of marriage has been confined to a man and a woman. And by passing laws that allow same-sex marriage, states are redefining what a marriage was meant to be. For me, marriage is still defined as a promise between a man, a woman and God.

Invisible Children campaign returns, screens documentary

Countless frail bodies lie stacked together on the concrete surface of a Ugandan bus park - a pile that, if it weren't for the occasional arm twitch, looks more like a field of corpses than a group of frightened children.Before the sun rises, the group wakes, folds its ragged blankets and traipses out of Gulu, Uganda back to their homes. Because with daylight, the children say, comes a shred of safety; it's only in the darkness that they seek refuge from the threat of being kidnapped.

Promise ring tradition reveals insecurity; OK to just date

You all know the movie scene. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. An unrealistically short period of time passes and boy pops the question ...Will you promise me?

Wait, that's not right. You must have heard wrong.

And you'd be right. You did hear wrong because I can't think of any movie that fits the "happily ever after category" and adds the step of a promise ring.

Ice Age

Campus was closed Thursday because of icy roads and poor weather conditions, said Tracy Syler-Jones, assistant vice-chancellor for marketing and communication in an e-mail. She said Provost Nowell Donovan is in charge of cancelling classes and that when university officials checked conditions early Thursday morning, the roads were clear and weather was good, but conditions were quickly deteriorating, she said.

There are about 100 classes or labs that meet only on Thursday, according to the class search on my.tcu.edu.

Students can’t gripe if they don’t vote for SGA

Though you can no longer put your two cents in about which party should rule the House and Senate, you can still make an impact on campus.Student Government Association elections are taking place today and you, as a student, need to vote.

In 2005, SGA had a $275,000 budget split among the House, Programming Council and the cabinet. Students contributed to this fund through each of their $48 student government fees. The way the money is spent should represent the students - something that can only be done through elected representatives.

Pastor’s actions do not represent entire evangelical community

Christianity has been grossly misrepresented.I opened the paper Sunday and saw that Ted Haggard of New Life Church in Colorado Springs had been fired because of "sexual immorality," according New Life Church's statements.

Haggard acknowledged Friday in the Gazette Telegraph that he had paid a Denver man for a massage and for methamphetamine. The man claims the two had a "long-term sexual relationship, though Haggard said he did not have sex with the man and did not take the drug.

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