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The future of the country depends on teachers

Dear Skiff Editors,

I was confused and a little annoyed this morning when I opened my paper to a piece entitled "Teachers already well-off in salary." I became more upset as I continued to read the article. I found Mr. Lauck's opinion predictably stereotypical of what teachers have been battling for decades, starting with his presumption that teachers "wish [they] made more money."

Non-athletic events deserve attention too

Student attendance at athletic events is generally less than the athletes strive for, and for the number of hours they put in they deserve more people there.

Well, I'm guilty as charged. I've never been to a single basketball, volleyball, baseball or soccer game. In fact, I've only ever been to football games, which I enjoy very much. All student athletes work very hard and deserve a good crowd to see the culmination of their work.

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I am personally amazed at all of the bad publicity one little article in the paper can cause. I just found out today that...

Letters to the Editor

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