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Cut Off

Just the thought of walking to class without a cell phone to talk on or an iPod to listen to makes a shiver run up their spines.They get to class, and there is a computer staring them in the face. They can't surf the Internet or read junk e-mails.

Some may think, "Is this kind of life really worth living?"

Worth it or not, four TCU students did it for a day - and lived to tell the tale.

Part 1 of 2: Dun Searching

His cramped office in University Career Services doesn't have a window.Papers, cards, an umbrella, a mug and compact discs lie scattered over his dark wood desk, and his computer screen is propped on several books to bring it up to eye level for his 6-foot-4-inch stature.

His office may be cramped and cluttered, but Chuck Dunning, associate director of University Career Services, said he has his ideal job, and it took him lots of searching to find it.

Part 2 of 2: Dun Searching

"Poetry, because it's artistic and not just this logical, rational, scientific way of describing things, gives opportunities to suggest things and to present nuances and implications and to subtly make connections between things that if you were going to try to do it by just writing it out in terms of linear words, you'd have to write a book," Dunning said. He said he also applies his knowledge and interest in the mind to his daily tasks in University Career Services when he sits down with students to help them with a common concern - what to do with their lives.

New Head of SGA has high aspirations

Student Government Association President David Watson says he is in the process of making several changes within SGA."I've been very involved with student government, and over time I've created a vision for student government and seen its potential," Watson said.

Watson, a junior entrepreneurial management major, previously served as a representative, permanent improvements chairman and treasurer.

After working as treasurer, Watson said he can create a better system to disperse activities funding than the system in place.

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