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Drinking offenses on the rise during event season

The Fort Worth Police Department, along with the Arlington and Grand Prairie police departments, are in the beginning stage of creating a program to deter underage drinking and driving, specifically for this time of year, a Fort Worth police sergeant said.

Sgt. Rodney Bangs of the Fort Worth Police Department said motorists driving under the influence and traffic fatalities are more frequent throughout the country this time of year.

Administrator: Revamped minor won’t hurt students

The requirements for the general business minor at the Neeley School of Business have been restructured, but the senior associate dean of the Neeley...

Speaker: Outside activities essential to presidential well-being

Ever wonder what presidents do outside the White House?

Presidents in the 19th century were interested in hunting and fishing, but 20th century presidents loved golf, a former professor and best-selling author said Wednesday.

Paul F. Boller Jr., best-selling author and TCU emeritus professor of history, explored the hobbies of America's 43 presidents at an interview symposium Wednesday called "Presidents at Play: Observations by Dr. Paul F. Boller Jr."

Boller said hobbies have been essential to the health and well-being of presidents.

Administrator: plus/minus system has little effect

Although many students have expressed mixed feelings about the new plus/minus grading system, research shows its implementation had little effect on students' average GPAs.

Cathy Coghlan, assistant director of institutional research, said the average GPA from 2006 freshmen without the plus/minus system was 2.87, and the first-year average of the fall 2007 class with the plus/minus system was 2.94.

Men’s basketball team faces size problem against the Utes, coach says

The Horned Frogs look to win their second straight game when they face the Utah Utes tonight.

Utah is currently No. 5 in the Mountain West Conference, and when the teams met earlier this season, the Utes beat the Horned Frogs 74-58.

Boschini to chair national organization

Chancellor Victor Boschini will be named chair of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities' board of directors today during a year of immense change, the association's vice president of public affairs said.

With the changes a new president will bring to Congress this year, the association will be dealing with the different dynamics of a new administration, said Ronald King, the association's vice president for public affairs.

Super Tuesday didn’t settle primaries, professor said

The winner of the Democratic primary in Missouri and the spelling of Brian Young's name were updated at 10:53 a.m. Wednesday.

The big wins came for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and Arizona Sen. John McCain in the Super Tuesday primaries, but they still have a long way to go before the nominees are set in stone.

Symposium offered as honors class option

The honors program is initiating a new option for its second-year students to gain honors elective hours, the program's assistant director said.

Ronald Pitcock, assistant director of the honors program and assistant professor of English, said The Contemporary Reading Symposium will meet on three different nights throughout the semester, and participants will meet with an honors professor and discuss the professor's chosen text.

Ad/PR major to receive a name change

Julie O'Neil's title was corrected Jan. 23 at 9:45 p.m.

A proposed a change to the name of the advertising/public relations major will better reflect the nature of the program, said the advertising/public relations division chair.

Julie O'Neil, division chair and associate professor in the Schieffer School of Journalism, said the new name will bring only a few changes to the curriculum.

Eligible high school students guaranteed admission to nursing school

Next fall, qualified Arlington ISD high school students will be guaranteed admission into TCU and the Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences, the assistant director of communications said.

Shawn Kornegay, assistant director of communications, said AISD approached Harris College a year and a half ago about the partnership and soon after they started working on the program.

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