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Take advantage of campus resources

TCU is an active campus with its close-knit student body, multiple organizations and top-notch facilities. But I wonder how many students are active when it comes to using on-campus facilities.

I hadn't realized, until now, that a number of on-campus facilities go unnoticed by students. It struck me when a senior in my jogging class said she had never gone to the University Recreation Center.

New meal plan steals options from students

As a sophomore this year, coming to TCU was pretty strange for me, thanks to all of the changes taking place on campus. Although I was aware that the old Student Center would be rubble when I returned this fall, it still came as a shock to see the impressive Brown Lupton University Union sitting proudly on Stadium Drive.

Don't get me wrong, I like the BLUU. The extra space is nice, especially compared to the tiny eating area of the Main, and the food is a little better. But I have to admit that I really can't tolerate the new meal plan.

Phelps not only Olympian deserving of praise

Praise Phelps. But let's not forget the rest.

Ask anyone to name one Olympian, and he or she will most likely talk about the world-record-breaking swimmer.

Michael Phelps is one of the most recognized Olympians of all time, thanks to his amazing winning streak - 14 gold medals, eight of which he won at the 2008 Beijing games. But what about other U.S. athletes who have made it big in this year's games?

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