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GrandMarc retail space empty after months of vacancy

Out of 30,000 square feet of retail space on the first level of the GrandMarc at Westberry Place, 7,000 square feet have been leased,...

Milton Daniel could house women in fall

Changes in residential halls in fall 2007 will make history, allowing women to live in Milton Daniel Hall for the first time, the director of residential services said.Milton Daniel, along with Wiggins, Foster, Waits and Jarvis halls may all have major changes for fall 2007, said Craig Allen, director of residential services.

"All of this is part of our broader initiative to really reshape TCU as a residential university," Allen said. "We're moving forward full steam on this and most of the changes should be permanent by the end of the semester."

Director: Students should report bad cell signals

If you've ever lost cell phone signal on campus, TCU Connect would like to know about it.TCU Connect is the communication arm for students that provides voicemail, television and long-distance service to the campus, said Travis Cook, director of business services for TCU Connect.

The majority of complaints about cellular signal come from faculty and staff members, not students, Cook said.

"It would be very helpful for students to e-mail us and let us know the dorm or room number where reception is weak," Cook said.

Professors use game show for research

Using "Wheel of Fortune" for academic research may seem far-fetched, but that's exactly what two TCU professors had in mind when they tried out for the game show. Mark Toulouse and Stacey Floyd-Thomas, who both teach in the Brite Divinity school, said they tried out for the show's "Best Friends" week because they wanted to research the shift in American values from religion to fame.

"Money, winning and success have become major values in America," Toulouse, a professor in the Brite Divinity school said. "We wanted to immerse ourselves in popular culture."

Extended stay on campus may become requirement

The TCU administration is discussing the possibility of requiring freshmen and sophomores to live on campus, the Residential Services director said.Currently, students only have to live on campus their freshman year unless they live at home, but the rule might change in an effort to make TCU a more residential campus, said Craig Allen, director of Residential Services.

"There is a certain richness that comes from having students on campus," Allen said. "It's important to build a sense of community."

Recent assaults prompt campus security increase

The abduction of a University of Texas at Arlington student this week has no connection to a similar reported assault of a TCU student in late September, TCU and UTA police said Wednesday.According to police reports, the victims, both women, were taken into vehicles by two men. In the incident involving a TCU student, the victim said she voluntarily entered a sports utility vehicle before she was sexually assaulted. But the suspects in the two cases do not have the same physical description, said TCU Police Detective Kelly Ham.

Disqualified Ms. TCU candidates back on ballot

The three disqualified Ms. TCU candidates are back on the ballot as of Tuesday night. The Student Government Association's Judicial Board decided to reinstate Katie Williams, Liz Hamner and Jill Rutherford as Ms. TCU candidates because the rule they were disqualified for is too ambiguous to enforce in a fair and judicial manner, said Chief Justice Neal Jackson.

The three seniors were disqualified last week because of promotional Facebook groups created on their behalf. The groups violated a Mr./Ms. TCU guideline that banned solicitation.

Board questions Ms. TCU election

The status of the Ms. TCU competition was under further question Thursday after a new Facebook group promoting all candidates was created, a violation of a Mr./Ms. TCU guideline. The Student Government Association's Judicial Board met to discuss the validity of the disqualifications of three Ms. TCU candidates Thursday night, but has not yet decided whether to officially review the disqualifications or not, said SGA Associate Justice Taylor Allen.

Ms. TCU nominees receive disqualification notices for rules violations

Three Ms. TCU candidates said they have been barred from today's ballot because of Facebook groups created on their behalf.Seniors Jill Rutherford, Liz Hamner and Katie Williams all said they received e-mails from Natalie Boone, an assistant director in the Student Center, informing them of their disqualifications because of a rule prohibiting solicitation.

Rutherford and Williams said they were contacted Monday, and Hamner said she was contacted Tuesday. Boone confirmed Wednesday morning that the disqualifications were because of Facebook groups.

Game-day parking concerns to change workers’ schedules

Faculty and staff should have enough places to park Thursday afternoon, even though some will be required to move their cars for the TCU vs. BYU football game, the TCU Police chief said.Human Resources sent an e-mail to faculty and staff that informed members who park in lots needed for game parking will need to leave work at 1 p.m. or move their cars to make room for visitor parking before the 5 p.m. game.

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