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Face the Music part one

Athlete - "Tourist"If you combine reflective lyrics, rich guitar tones, the soothing quality of Joel Pott's voice and an assorted blend of percussive instruments,...

Local band shows strengths

In the three years that have passed since Green River Ordinance recorded its first EP, "Breaking the Surface," the band has matured into one that combines probing lyrics with infectious melodies. The result of this growth is their debut full-length album, "The Beauty of Letting Go."Originally intending to release a four-song demo CD, the band members changed their minds when they found themselves unhappy with the initial product.

Album Review – Old 97’s

On the inside cover of the Old 97's first live release, "Alive and Wired", guitarist Ken Bethea introduces the double-disc set by saying, "When...

Album Review

Fans of Switchfoot rejoice: The new album is out and better than the last."Nothing is Sound," Switchfoot's fifth studio release, is catchy and masterfully written, probing the listener into examining today's materialistic society.

A self-proclaimed attempt at "trying to sing something true with a broken heart," Switchfoot's frontman, lead singer Jon Foreman, said the album stemmed from a verse in Ecclesiastes that says, "Meaningless, meaningless, everything is meaningless."

Restrictions on downloaded songs defeat purpose of iTunes

I am a reformed downloader. I'm one of the original Napster downloaders delighted with the idea of having access to millions of songs without having to pay a cent. In the good ol' days I was on Napster constantly - until it became public that Napster was "evil."

Not giving up on my dream of having unlimited music for free, I went through a slew of other programs: Morpheus, Kazaa, LimeWire, you name it, I had it.

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