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Patterson’s son a Frog after Iraq tour

After four years in the Army and 13 months in Iraq, 23-year-old Josh Patterson enrolled at TCU in the spring of 2010. “Being able to...

New TCU apparel shop opens on Bluebonnet Circle

Purple has now become a profession. TCU alumni Beau Davis said after he became tired of the options offered in town, he and Andrew Ward,...

Valuables left in vehicles encourage theft and burglary on campus

The safest place for your car may not be in a campus parking lot. According to 2009 TCU Police crime statistics, burglary and theft of...

Unusual pet guides student’s career path

Wink, a bearded dragon lizard, is not a typical roommate. Sophomore biology major Kiefer Hazard said Wink keeps to herself, eats her own food and...

Facebook redeems itself as emergency communication

Finally, Facebook "stalkers" may have helped someone out.

Facebook users employ it as a distraction, a photo album, a networking tool and even sometimes as a joke. Never would I have thought that Facebook could potentially be a life-saver as well.

According to a March 18 Associated Press article, Nitesh Bhakta, a 20-year-old Georgia college student, saved his family from masked intruders when he asked for help via his Facebook status.

Froggie Five-0 jobs not gender exclusive

It turns out, Froggie Five-0 has a feminine side.

Jill Pollock, a junior psychology major, is one of four female drivers for the student escort service and disproves the belief that women cannot work for Froggie Five-0.

"That's everybody's first assumption 8212; that Froggie is all boys, and I'm like, "Well, hello. I work for Froggie,'" Pollock said.

Students often expressed their concern about females driving for Froggie Five-0, she said.

Charging for online news is not student-friendly

As a college student, my No. 1 reason to purchase anything is price. The last thing any college student wants is unnecessary expenses.

News has always been something I have gotten for free. The Daily Skiff is accessible in almost any building on campus for free. Surrounding community papers and even national newspapers like, USA Today, are available in some buildings on campus for free. The easiest and most accessible form of gathering news is from sources online, and it is also free.

Professors offer valuable insight

I've heard it more than once or twice: TCU stands out from other schools due to many things, but one is the faculty-to-student ratio that leads to closer and more personal attention for the students.

It's a natural reaction of mine to boast about the relationship between students and teachers when comparing TCU to big public schools. Frankly, I love coming from a school where the professors know their students' names. Even more, they know what organizations they're involved in or where they're from.

Big East move will affect sports broadcast majors

While the main focus of the university's move to the Big East Conference has been the effects it will have on the athletic programs, other departments on campus are anticipating impacts as well.

Sports Broadcasting Program Director Charles LaMendola said students majoring in sports broadcasting who have gained experience by filming, directing and working production for university athletic events aired on The Mtn. will have to shift gears to accommodate the Big East.

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