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Psychological thriller worth admission price

Nothing is as it seems, and the truth can be made up of lies. "Perfect Stranger" is a myriad of complex lies, secrets and the constant changing of identities. How far do people really go to protect themselves, their pasts, and their futures?

Rowena Price (Halle Berry) goes undercover to investigate Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis), in relation to her friend's murder. Miles Hailey (Giovanni Ribisi, "Gone in 60 Seconds") plays Rowena's Guy Friday, and he lends his support, friendship and technical savvy - along with some creepy sexual innuendo.

Q & A: Halle Berry

We got to sit down with Halle Berry and chat with her about her new movie "Perfect Stranger," her fashion sense and her previous desire to be a journalist. Check out what she had to say.

Q: Was this film always going to be in New York?

A: Yes. In our movie, it's a character. It infuriates me when people go to Toronto and try to pass it off as New York. I always pride myself in knowing the difference.

Q: Was there talk of an alternative location?

Hollywood comes to Texas

Glitz, glamour and a little piece of Hollywood came to Dallas on March 22 with the opening night of the first annual AFI Dallas International Film Festival. The American Film Institute is a national institute which provides screen education, recognition and celebration of excellence in film, television and digital media. Future filmmakers attend the AFI Conservatory to hone their craft and display their products.

The festival ran for 11 days, with more than 190 screenings at The Magnolia, Inwood Theatre, Majestic Theatre, Angelika Film Center and AMC Northpark 15 Theater.

Predictable plot welcome, provides hope, positivity

"The Ultimate Gift" is a formulaic but heartwarming story that could perhaps answer the age-old question: "Can wealth buy happiness?" This film is based...

Veteran stars bring comedic view to ‘Wild Hogs’

"Wild Hogs" is hard to hate, and moviegoers will appreciate its slapstick humor - though it only poses as a great comedy.Doug (Tim Allen), Woody (John Travolta), Bobby (Martin Lawrence, "Bad Boys II") and Dudley (William H. Macy, "Thank You For Smoking") are four guys, in the throes of middle-aged mediocrity, who set out on the open road with only the wind at their backs. Only two things stand in their way: a highway patrolman (John C.

Top 3 Museums in Fort Worth

Whether you are an art major or just an art enthusiast, Fort Worth is a city teeming with culture. It has been described by many as the art capitol of the Southwest. To prove that point, there are three nationally renowned museums within a few square blocks of each other. Making up the heart of Fort Worth's cultural district are the Kimbell Art Museum, the Modern Art Museum and the Amon Carter Museum. My best advice would be to take a day, park somewhere close and visit all three.

Q & A: and a nice Chianti with Gaspard Ulliel

Skiff staff writer Kimberly Burton had the chance to interview Gaspard Ulliel, the star of "Hannibal Rising." Ulliel plays a teenage Hannibal Lecter in the newest prequel to the Hannibal movies. French actor Ulliel has also starred in the 2004 international film "A Very Long Engagement." This is Ulliel's first major American film.

Q: What was it like stepping into this role?

A: It was scary. Coming after Anthony Hopkins is not an easy thing. It is also frightening, being French. It (the character) is very addictive.

Zellweger, McGregor together again to portray creation of Peter Rabbit

Chris Noonan's whimsical and charming film "Miss Potter" is guaranteed to enchant audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Enter the world of Beatrix Potter, beloved author and artist of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit," among many other children's books. Potter was also an accomplished artist and philanthropist, who donated lands to the National Trust of Great Britain.

"Potter" gives us a glimpse into the eccentric Victorian woman's life, inspiration and her deep love for her fiancee Warne.

Indie flick ‘Flannel’ weaves love, emotion into intricate plotline

The romance drama "Flannel Pajamas," a nominee for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, is an indie film depicting a...

Dallas duo brings grace, skill to Bass Hall

Music-lovers braved the winter weather and ventured downtown to Fort Worth's Bass Performance Hall on Jan. 13 for an evening of music by the...
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