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LEED-ing the way?

Despite the fact that TCU has
invested millions in environmentally
friendly buildings, the
university is still receiving below
mediocre marks from the College
Sustainability Report Card.

The overall grade of a C- is
based on an average score from
various aspects of a sustainable
university, such as administrative
policies, energy consumption,
food and recycling, green
building, student involvement
and transportation as well as investment
priorities and endowment

Faculty scrutinizes practice of undergraduates grading peers

The Faculty Senate is looking into whether undergraduate students grading other undergraduates' work is a concern at the university after an online survey generated mixed feelings from faculty members, a Faculty Senate official said.

Keith Whitworth, Faculty Senate secretary, said Robert Garnett Jr., associate professor in economics, sent him an e-mail expressing this concern. The concern was then brought to the Faculty Senate open forum at the October meeting, he said.

The open forum allowed for a five-minute discussion on the issue, Whitworth said.

Foreign language requirement proposal hits road block at Faculty Senate

A Faculty Senate official is pushing for a six-hour foreign language requirement to be implemented into the core curriculum in hopes that the administration will take action in the future.

David Bedford, Faculty Senate Student Relations Committee chair and Spanish instructor, said he presented the issue to the Faculty Senate in the open forum so that the senators could start thinking about it, but he doesn't think there will be a foreign language requirement anytime soon.

Retake policy passes in Faculty Senate; University Council to review it...

A Faculty Senate motion to modify the course retake policy will be considered by the University Council next semester.

The motion states that for each time a student retakes a course, each final grade from that course will be averaged and calculated into the student's GPA,

Nowell Donovan, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, said when he receives the motion, it will go to the University Council for approval. The members of the University Council include all deans in the university, a wide variety of faculty and students, he said.

University looking into gender inequalities

On the heels of a report from the University of Texas that reported the annual salaries of female faculty within its organization averaged $9,000 less than their male counterparts, TCU's own newly released study on gender equality says pay discrepancies only exist because of a male-dominated hierarchy within the university.

The report found that while the average salary of men was higher annually by an average of $16,000, it's because men are more prevalent in administrative positions and departments that have higher market salaries.

Publishing professor evaluations face obstacles

A system to publish professor evaluations supported by a Student Government Association resolution that passed two years ago faces many hurdles, an SGA official said.

Candace Ruocco, SGA academic affairs committee chair, said getting relevant and objective information about professors published for students would be time consuming and require a lot of extra work. The university already evaluates professors as part of a mandatory procedure at the end of the semester, she said.

Graduate degrees still in demand despite economy

Despite the current economic situation, the university does not expect graduate enrollment to change drastically, a university official said.

Bonnie Melhart, associate provost for academic affairs, said the university still has students seeking a graduate degree because it's a credential that will help advance their careers.

"In an uncertain economic time, people don't know exactly what to invest in," Melhart said. "But we don't expect that we're going to see any difference here than we did before."

Two added to Honor Code committee

The Faculty Senate approved the addition of two members to the Honor Code task force in an effort to complete the final format of...

Faculty Senate to discuss campuswide surveillance

The university is considering installing security cameras campuswide along with other safety devices to build a safer environment for students, the Faculty Senate secretary, said.

Keith Whitworth, Faculty Senate secretary, said the Neeley School of Business and the Campus Recreation Center already have cameras installed in their facilities, which is an issue that the Faculty Senate needs to discuss.

Debate facility to debut in new building

The university will include a debating chamber in the construction of Scharbauer Hall at the site of the former student center, a university official...
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