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Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Nader will take votes from Kerry

Ralph, just what do you think you are doing? In the 2000 election, you were the difference between winning and losing. While you constantly...

Movie, violence overshadows gospels

I am afraid of “The Passion of the Christ.” I’m afraid people are going to watch the film (which is apparently the most violent...

Judge not

I do not believe homosexuality is a sin. Call me a sinner, derelict, pagan or whatever you see fit, but I do not believe one can make a credible case against homosexuality from the Bible. You might ask, of course, “What does the Bible matter? Isn’t this a secular social issue?”

Judge Dean on policies, not ‘temper’

As a liberal-minded person, many of my friends find it quite odd that I often visit Matt Drudge’s ultra famous ‘news’ Web site drudge-report.com....

Changes can alter outlook on life

I have never learned as much about myself in one period than in the holiday break of 2003. You see, the break came one...
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