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Students should maintain healthy habits despite college lifestyle

The year is coming to an end and the difference between August and May is incredible.

Students, whether it is the first or last year, people tell you to gain a wealth of knowledge, independence, responsibility, friends and skills. The list could go on. Although these are beneficial, there is one gain we should be wary of: the gain of the freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, "15." Those pesky pounds students tend to pack on during their time of freedom.

Portions misleading to eaters

Not too long ago a friend and I opted to visit Subway to grab a quick, light lunch. The poster of Jared and his oversized pants greeted us at the counter where we placed our orders for the new "Fresh Fit" sandwiches and small drinks. When the lady behind the counter placed a 21-ounce cup on the counter, I reminded her that I only ordered a small drink. She smiled and said, "That is the small."

Students ultimately responsible for making healthy food choices

Eden's and Deco Deli were truly a garden of freshness and were delicious and healthy on-campus dining options. The colorful salad bar, sizzling wok...

Get in shape, train for races by exercising, eating healthy

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and the races are becoming more numerous. With the Cowtown Marathon last weekend, soon all weekends will quickly be filling up with one mile walks, 5Ks, 10Ks, half and full marathons.

In order to run these races, you train for weeks, even months to get in shape. But good nutrition training is just as important as physical activity when it comes to performance. Here are some tips to train nutritionally before, during and after race day to help you maximize your potential for a run.

Spices can be healthy update to mundane, bland diet foods

All too often I visit with patients, clients, friends and even family and hear the same piercing words. My body cringes and the hairs on the back of my neck rise as someone utters, "If it's healthy for you, it can't taste good."

It pains me to think of the vast number of people who suffer from this misconception. True, healthy foods have been stereotyped as bland, dull and quite cardboard-like. But the truth of the matter is that low-fat and low-sodium cooking can boast exceptional flavors with spices.

Going green with tea could provide numerous health benefits

Going green. It's one of the hottest trends of 2008.

Recently, tips for going green on everything from cleaning supplies to fuel have sprouted up like rye grass, and not without need. I am 100 percent supportive of protecting Earth. But I want to talk about something green that's more than just a trend and has actually been around for centuries.

Green tea is not just a soothing beverage to complete a delicious sushi meal.

Being a vegetarian worth the effort

I am a vegetarian.

No, I am not a super activist for animal rights, saving the rainforest or wearing only vegan shoes, though those are important issues. And no, I will not roll my eyes or give looks of disgust if someone around me orders a juicy steak.

Many people are quick to stereotype vegetarianism as something as strange as being from Mars. I do care for our Earth, and since we only have one, we should protect it and all of the wildlife that populates it.

But I chose to be a vegetarian just for the health of it.

Physical activity important for healthy living

We all know exercise is good for us.

Unfortunately, with our strenuous lifestyles and schedules, it can be hard to maintain a regular workout plan. But it is no mystery that good health does not happen by diet alone.

In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture decided physical activity is such an important part of good nutrition that they added it to the Food Guide Pyramid in 2005.

100-calorie packs not as healthy as they seem

As usual, promises to lose weight and be healthier have begun ringing in the New Year.

And this year numerous convenience products decorate grocery store shelves, advertising themselves as healthy, nutritious snacks.

The "100-calorie pack" has jumped on the scene as the super-hero, quick-fix food. Don't get me wrong; I myself enjoy these tasty treats, but you should take caution when surrounded by the brightly colored boxes and the hopes of a sinless snack.

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