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Author’s property should be protected, not plagiarized

A recent lawsuit levied by J.K. Rowling on author Steven Vander Ark would seem to rule out any third party anthologies of the Harry Potter book series.

Vander Ark was attempting to publish and sell an encyclopedia entitled "The Harry Potter Lexicon" based on information gathered from his fan Web site of the same name. According to a BBC.com article, Rowling is suing Vander Ark for borrowing too much of her work and jeopardizing her opportunity to publish a Harry Potter encyclopedia.

Firearms should be limited to maintain campus safety

School shootings have unfortunately become an all-too-common occurrence lately and calls into question the right to bear arms outlined in the Bill of Rights.

Not only confined to educational campuses, the amount of firearm-related violence in the U.S. can hardly be overlooked, and begs the question of whether we need to give up our Second Amendment Right to bear arms for our own security?

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