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Letter to the Editor: LGBTQ community should define its interests

In a recent letter to the editor, James Scarberry, class of TCU '59, wrote "it has come to my attention that there will be gay living quarters on campus, sanctioned by the university." This, Scarberry argues, is an action taken by the university that serves as "an accommodation to immoral living."

I think it is safe to say that the members of the administration and the board of trustees are, or at least should be, primarily concerned with the accommodation of the students of Texas Christian University.

New grading system a minus

There are a few special students who strive to do far more than necessary - those who struggle, sweat and clamor to distinguish themselves, on paper, as shrines of scholastic achievement. Some may call these burgeoning students the "pride and joy" of higher education.I call them pretentious, self-interested annoyances or, in my more blunt moments, I refer to them as "GPA whores" because of the impression that these students will do anything for a few points here and there. They will beg, plead, cry, or obtain a court-issued mandate for the grade - whatever it takes.

Behind the palette; artist shares history

While strolling down Houston Street on a Friday night, one is likely to see Rome Milan in the window front of his family's gallery, intently applying paint to a canvas with a palette knife, wearing hats from various parts of the world. Much like the gallery itself, Milan has become a familiar fixture in Sundance Square. However, to the average passers-by, the story behind this window-front painter is a mystery.

Milan had a modest artistic beginning, sparked by a T-shirt at age 13.

Family run, family owned, family tradition

After 14 years of seemingly perpetual relocation, the Milan Gallery has moved once again. Resting at 505 Houston St., a block south from its original location, the Milan Gallery now faces the setting sun and a new chapter in its history.The gallery had its grand opening for the new location on Aug. 11. Tal Milan, the director of the gallery, said hundreds of people circulated in and out of the main room.

Tal Milan said the gallery sold more than 30 pieces that night.

New minimum wage a step, still not enough

So far the Democratic-controlled Congress has not done much in the way of legislation. Seemingly, it has spent more time exercising Congressional oversight. Say what you will. However, this Congress achieved at least one clear success by pushing through an increase in the federal minimum wage, which President Bush signed into law on May 25. The bill provides for a three-stage 70 cents increase. The first stage, effective on July 24, increased the federal minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to $5.85. By July 24th, 2009, the federal minimum wage will reach $7.25 per hour.

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