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Student entrepreneur wins prestigious scholarship

When Justin Avery Anderson began experimenting with granola in his mother's kitchen when he was 16, he had no idea where it would lead.Now,...

Career Services revamps interview, resume-critique programs

A recent move to Jarvis Hall is not the only change at the University Career Services.

John Thompson, executive director of Career Services, said Career Services is revamping itself through new interview and resume programs, among other changes.

With the new optimal interview feature, students can go online and record mock interviews via webcam. After recording, students can watch the recorded video and self-critique their performance.

Bookstore a stop for Mayor’s signing tour

The spotlight will be on Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief on Saturday at a book signing at the TCU Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

Allan Saxe, an associate professor of political science at the University of Texas at Arlington, is the author of the book, "Decades of Caring: A Chronicle of the Political Life of Mike Moncrief."

Taylor Witt, event coordinator for the campus bookstore, said Saxe will also be signing books but wants the attention to be on Moncrief.

Campus voting site sees traffic hike

More college students are casting ballots in the early voting elections than in the previous presidential election, an early voting official said.

Rena Brown, an early voting clerk stationed at the Brown-Lupton University Union who also worked as a clerk at TCU during the 2004 election, said having an early voting station on campus increases the number of students who vote because they can stop by to vote on the way to class or while getting something to eat as opposed to standing in long lines somewhere off campus,

Watching parties thin out early

Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain intensified attacks against each other Wednesday night in the final and most aggressive debate in the heated...

University works to expand student e-mail accounts

You've got mail. And it's not a message warning your mailbox is over its size limit.

The university is currently working on a new system that will increase the size of student e-mail accounts, said Bryan Lucas, executive director of Technology Resources.

Lucas declined to comment on the cost, adding that until the upgrade is fully tested, he does not want to provide details, as they may change.

Q&A: Mary Patton, interim dean of education

From her new office on the top floor of the recently renovated Bailey Building, Mary Patton sits as the interim dean of the College...

University hosts first leadership summit

TCU is hosting an inaugural student leadership summit starting today that will bring together student delegates from Mountain West Conference schools to discuss issues ranging from crisis management to greener campuses, summit organizers said.

The summit, which will take place today and Friday, is a result of a collaboration between TCU and the University of Utah, SGA president Thomas Pressly said.

Fallout from Wright award won’t linger, experts say

Read more coverage on Wright.

Despite negative reactions from many students, alumni and faculty over the

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