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Concert Watch – Honey and Rainbows

When Radiohead released In Rainbows in 2007,
it meant two things: a breakaway from the industry
CD release of music and a world tour for Radiohead.
Leaving their homes in Oxford 8212; and London 8212;
the five members returned to the road, and will
make a stop in Dallas on May 18 at Superpages.
com Center.

In Rainbows is the 1990s icon's seventh album
since the 2003 release of Hail to the Thief. In
Rainbows bagan as a download-debut experiment
by singer/guitarist Thom Yorke. Costing nothing or

Prerequisites of the business school to be voted on

Students, administration in the business school and a committee will vote on academic requirements to decide on the selective prerequisites of the School of Business, because it brings up confusion and contradiction to all parties. The School of Business proposed to include the 2.75 GPA requirement in the university catalogue so students could understand how selective admissions is, however, it was denied a voting committee.

Professor’s 45-year run ends in May

At 8 a.m., anyone would need a cup of coffee as the smell fills the little corner office and the early sun washes through the second floor window onto the carpeted floor. Posters of European countries and French sayings adorn the white walls. Everything is in order for a Monday morning. It's just another early day for Jean Knecht, who will spend almost 40 minutes preparing for his four 50-minute classes.

"You think after all these years I would know my material," Knecht said.

Online Exclusive!!! Blood drive falls short of expectations

Monday night's Carter Blood Care on-campus blood drive wasn't what its team leader was expecting, which she said tends to be an average of 60 blood donors. After five hours parked behind Clark Hall, Carter Blood Care had 20 volunteers donate blood - far from the average, said Adriana Lambert, team leader of the blood drive.

"It's been steady, actually, it's been kind of slow," Lambert said.

It wasn't until nearly 7 p.m. that the final six donors walked into the Carter Blood Care bus, she said.

Conservation delays historical Texas papers’ arrival at TCU

A $23,000 security system was installed in the Mary Couts Burnett Library's special collections to secure 161-year-old Texas legislation papers that were expected to...

Professor receives Faculty Scholar award for achievements

An assistant professor in the social work department was selected as a Hartford Faculty Scholar for her research on human development and forgiveness in the elderly. Harriet Cohen has taught in the social work department since fall 2005. Her research is administrated by the Gerontological Society of America, which addresses the needs of elderly people.

Cohen said her purpose is to understand the nature of forgiveness in the personal and cultural lives of the elderly, specifically in Holocaust survivors.

Officials taking steps to minimize average class sizes

Sitting at 7,160 undergraduates this year, the university was advised by the Board of Trustees to cap the total of undergraduates in an effort to protect the quality of education, said the vice chancellor for academic affairs.A plan to cap the undergraduate total at 7,200 for five years began last year and concerns the imbalance of too many students and not enough faculty across TCU's schools and colleges, said Nowell Donovan, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs.

Fitness ranking questioned

TCU is ranked No. 8 in the nation for fitness, according to Men's Fitness magazine, but some who work at the University Recreation Center question how the ranking was decided - and how legitimate it is.The Rec Center is comparable to those at other schools, but the ranking may not accurately portray the overall fitness of universities, said Steve Kintigh, director of Campus Recreation.

"It's not exactly Sports Illustrated or Time," he said. "But we appreciate the offering, and if anything, it brings attention to the culture of fitness and the TCU facility."

Ex-Ambassador says U.S.-Europe relationship can be fixed

Former German ambassador to the United Nations said focusing on the spread of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism and democracy will help steady an unstable relationship between the United States and Europe Monday night.Hans Arnold, former U.N. ambassador, was invited by the modern language and political science programs.

Jeffrey Todd, associate professor of French and German said this was an opportunity for TCU to act on its mission statement.

No text too taboo for TCU

"It's Perfectly Normal," a book on sex education, was the most-banned book of last year, and also happens to be sitting on a shelf at TCU's library.So are "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," "Catcher in the Rye" and "What My Mother Doesn't Know," which are all books on the 2005 list of the most frequently challenged books.

For 25 years, Banned Books Week has been nationally recognized during the last week of September.

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