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Course encourages community involvement

TCU freshman Lauren Fred said she has never been very involved in community affairs activities. However, this semester she is deeply involved in a community project on campus, she said. The advertising/public relations major is part of a group of students trying to instate an open campus meal program that would allow students to use their student ID cards to purchase food at local restaurants.

High instance of juvenile crime affects TCU community

J.C. Williams, the assistant chief of the TCU Police Department, said TCU does not have a problem with fights at football games."TCU's events are so much larger than high school events," Williams said. "Our resources and police presence are so strong. A lot of your public schools can't really afford the resources necessary to cover parking lots, as well as inside and outside the stadiums, and control those areas the way we can."

Williams also said the inaccessibility of many of the parking lots at TCU keep fights and other criminal activity from occurring near the stadium.

Fighting: a common sight at football games

Beneath the full moon of a big Texas sky, amidst the smells of hot dogs and popcorn, the sounds of the band and the shouts of cheerleaders, a crowd pulsates with excitement as they watch their football heroes compete under the Friday night lights in a long-standing Texas high school tradition: Friday night football.But just outside the stadium, high school students shed sweat and blood for a different reason: These students came to fight.

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