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Unplanned humor: Senseless Acts of Comedy celebrates 10th year on campus

Multi-colored ties and multi-dimensional talent; that’s what one finds at a Senseless Acts of Comedy (SAC) show. The TCU students that comprise SAC are from...

KinderFrogs School parents raise awareness through fundraiser tailgate

Parents from both the KinderFrogs School and Starpoint School paired up to have a fundraiser tailgate to raise money for the school's programs.  The proceeds...

Student Body President Brent Folan faces impeachment

After two weeks of questions about the decision to spend $50,000 on the SuperFrog statue, Student Body President Brent Folan is facing impeachment. The motion...

UCC lot tailgate adds purple bus for Big 12 season

The Drake family brought a new means of attention to their tailgate with the addition of a $10,000 purple TCU themed bus. Steve Drake, father of two TCU graduates, said the bus was a small investment in comparison to what it will bring for his family and friends on game days.

SGA releases House Members’ contact information

Student Government Association made public contact information of its representatives in response to concerns stemming from the recent member selection process for Intercom and...

SGA to encourage open communication between students and representatives

Student Government Association will make public contact information for its representatives in response to concerns stemming from the recent member selection process for Intercom...

Yearbook staff to work during summer to complete 500 pages

“The Horned Frog” yearbook’s 114 years of publication mirrored the university’s history as it grew and modernized throughout the years. “The Horned Frog” was chosen...

Group to express faith with spring dance show

Dance group Calling In Action has put faith into action through various dance styles and will display its love for Christ on Friday during its...

New club looking for dedicated wrestlers

Two TCU students are bringing a wrestling club back to campus that will compete against schools such as University of Texas, Arlington, the club’s coach said.

Dillon Horn, coach and junior criminal justice major, said the club is looking for committed members who are first year and sophomore students, but they are open to participation from any student.

Ron Paul visits Fort Worth

The restoration of liberty and the importance of the constitution’s use in government affairs have been two of Ron Paul’s campaign commitments in an...
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