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Surpassing Campaign for TCU’s goal two years early a surprise

The Campaign for TCU reached its $250 million goal two years ahead of schedule this summer, an accomplishment Chancellor Victor Boschini said he thought was a wonderful blessing and a surprise.

According to the initiative's website the Campaign for TCU is a comprehensive fundraising campaign to further Vision in Action, TCU's strategic planning effort for the future of the university.

On June 22, Boschini sent a university-wide e-mail informing students that the campaign reached its goal.

Neeley admissions system helpful to students

As a second semester sophomore, I was just accepted into the Neeley School of Business. I was ecstatic to receive my admissions e-mail over Spring Break. However, I found myself wondering about those who were given notice that their application had been denied.

As a freshman, I had the fortune to already know what I wanted to do and that Neeley was the school that could get me there, and so I applied and was accepted to TCU as a pre-business major.

Tailgate policy inefficient in curbing underage drinking

Oh, the glorious memory of tailgates. Greeks chillin' and hot dogs grillin' makes one reminisce about times when students actually came together in one central location to support their school in what I believe is called "school spirit."

The advent of the 2008 football season with a new designated tailgate location and a ban on alcohol consumption marked the end of student tailgating as we knew it.

Hutchison compelling rival for Perry in race for governor seat

With the recent election of President Barack Obama, it is evident that America is ready for a change. Next year's Texas gubernatorial election should prove to be no exception to the political revolution.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, recently launched an exploratory committee to examine the possibility of her running for the state's highest office.

An article in Texas Monthly pointed out "Republicans who want change aren't going to look for it from a governor who will have been in office for more than nine years on primary day."

Inauguration expenses counter to Obama’s promise

Despite the fact that our country is experiencing the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression, America spent $170 million on President Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony and the surrounding events.

The federal government contributed an estimated $49 million in taxpayers' money.

Unfortunately, though, it doesn't stop there: Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland requested an additional $75 million in aid to pay for their share of inaugural expenses.

But what was the largest group of donors to Obama's inaugural committee?

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