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College Student Travel 101

Experts to address alternatives to traditional justice systems

Two experts on criminal justice from across the country will address how to improve the justice system in Tarrant County in a conference today at the Brown-Lupton University Union ballroom.

The two guest speakers will give advice on improving community issues by gathering community leaders to work together.

Julius Lang, director of technical assistance for the nonprofit Center for Court Innovation in New York, will speak on community justice. The nonprofit works with criminal justice agencies to implement problem-solving initiatives.

Professors debate creationism’s place in public schools

Two geology professors signed a petition to promote teaching evolution in public school science classrooms and prevent creationism from slipping into the curriculum.Arthur Busbey,...

Exhibit in corporate offices to showcase student art

Graduate student Shelley Hampe said the art department's connection with its students has changed her as an artist.

The instructors give students space and time to develop, which is rare, and through this she has become more honest in her work, Hampe said. One of the ways she has learned is through TCU's exhibits, like those at the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts gallery.

The "Experiencing Perspectives" exhibit, which opened Oct. 28 in the corporate offices of financial leasing company Daimler Financial Services, showcases two pieces of Hampe's work.

Students choose McCain in mock election

Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday's election, students, faculty and staff have chosen Sen. John McCain as their presidential pick in a mock election held on campus Monday.

The election was put on by SGA's Programming Council in order to determine "TCU's Favorite Candidate" for president and encourage people to vote.

A booth was set up outside the library as the Programming Council polling site. At the end of three hours of voting, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., 276 votes were cast.

The Issues: The Economy

What's at stake:

The nation's falling economic prosperity has caused Americans' comfort levels to go into a tailspin. The crisis has become the No. 1 issue in the presidential election and will most likely remain a top concern until Tuesday.

"Almost nothing could change the kind of feeling people have had in the last three weeks in the next two," said Jim Riddlesperger, professor of political science.

The next administration will have the responsibility to make changes to economic policy and reform the financial sector.

Q&A: Get to know your Mr. and Ms. TCU

Mr. TCU: Clayton Simons

Year: Senior

Major: Entrepreneurial management and marketing

Hometown: San Antonio

Biggest Strength: Being open minded

Biggest Weakness: Taking on too much and getting overwhelmed

Motto: "Life is not about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself." - George Bernard Shaw

Q: What got you interested in entrepreneurial management and marketing as majors?

Senior takes it one step at a time

Trekking through the Scottish terrain was not something Kristen Chapman was accustomed to. The senior marketing major had never camped a night in her life, so five days in the wilderness was quite a feat.

But as she rambled through the woods alone one night, she started to feel something change. With each step, everything that had caused her anxiety before seemed to be falling at her feet. Soon she came to the edge of the tree line. As she took a few more steps, she found herself in a clearing in the middle of the stars.

Mr., Ms. TCU Voting Guide

There are 11 finalists for Mr. and Ms. TCU because of a tie for Ms. TCU. The finalists were announced Monday during a lunch...

Politicians say young voters crucial

Both former Sen. Bill Bradley, D-N.J., and former GOP Florida Gov. Jeb Bush agreed that there is a clear divide among red and blue politics in the United States and there needs to be a move toward a "purple" way of thinking.

Tuesday night, both Bradley and Bush took the stage at Ed Landreth Auditorium for the Fogelson Honors Forum where they gave opening statements followed by a question and answer session. The questions were taken from those submitted online by the public.

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