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Cheerleaders frustrated about ban on basket tosses

A Basket Toss: What is it?

Future unclear for cheerleading competitions

It is still unclear whether the TCU cheerleading squad can go back to back to nationals or any other competitions next year. Athletics Director Chris...

University construction: No end in sight

Harold Leeman, associate director of major projects for TCU, said the university might never reach the end of its construction to-do list. The university has...

New leadership program offers life coaches

One organization on campus threw out the word mentor and replaced it with a new style of peer counseling called coaching. Katie Fearer, director of...

TCU Baseball holds camp for women

Surprise break causes surprise challenges

The first week of February offered a bonus break to students when the university was forced to close for four weekdays due to snow and ice.

Although students enjoyed the time off from class, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills said the storm created many difficulties for administration.

"We've been describing it as the perfect storm," Mills said. "If it could go wrong, it went wrong."

One issue that came up was the breaking of a pipe in the computer center on campus. University e-mail was shut down for a couple of days.

Men’s basketball ready for the challenge of Big East

Men's basketball head coach Jim Christian said the TCU's conference change to the Big East has generated excitement within the program and a readiness to compete.

"Our kids are excited about it, our fans are excited about it and obviously I'm excited about it," Christian said.

The men's basketball team, however, was questioned by many as to whether the program was developed enough to play on the same level as the other teams in the Big East.

Every program across the country has gone through cycles of highs and lows, Christian said.

Men’s tennis holds effort to increase match fan attendance

The men's tennis team has hopes that community involvement will help them increase attendance at home matches, the team's coach said.

Head men's tennis coach David Roditi said he put a plan in action to raise attendance at home matches. The team set a goal to have 1,000 fans in attendance at a home match.

Senior tennis player Zach Nichols said the goal stemmed from Roditi, also a former TCU tennis player, and the experience he gained while on the team. When Roditi played, the team was top 10 in the nation and had a large number of people at their matches.

Big East will be great for TCU publicity

With the move to the Big East in 2012, TCU will become more familiar with a life in the national spotlight, a university official said.

Athletic Director Chris Del Conte said becoming an institutional member of the Big East will bring significant exposure to the university.

The Big East has been a conference that is highly publicized in media, he said. TCU will become the topic of discussion among a large media market and in homes of millions of viewers.

Sports broadcasting major offers hands-on experience

With the explosive increase of remote sporting events, a new sports broadcasting major was offered to students for the first time this semester.

In the past, the department of Film, Television and Digital Media has offered programs with a sports emphasis, but with the evolution of remote sports productions, on location produced sporting events outside a typical studio setting, and interest from students, a new degree was approved in spring 2010, sports broadcasting professor Chuck LaMendola said.

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