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Super Bowls

Like a stock show of tableware, various artists are auctioning off 1,300 bowls in Cowtown today to help fight hunger in North Texas. The Tarrant Area Food Bank is fighting hunger at its annual Empty Bowls luncheon today at the Will Rogers Coliseum.

At the event, volunteers will get lunch and originally handcrafted, signed bowls to take home and to participate in a silent auction, said JoAnn Biggers, TAFB volunteer coordinator.

Pond St. Grill to unveil new menu option Super Bowl Sunday

Dining Services is launching pizza as a permanent Pond St. Grill menu item on Super Bowl Sunday. Pond St. Grill will officially begin serving the pizzas Sunday at noon for pregame festivities, said Legia Abato, marketing manager for Dining Services.

Although the pizzas are not yet advertised on the menu, Pond St. Grill began serving them Monday, said Rick Flores, general manager of Dining Services.

The night was successful and more than 100 pizzas were sold, Flores said.

Hot dog cart awaits ‘OK’

Hot dogs! Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs!TCU Dining Services is waiting for approval from the university to install a hot dog cart on campus.

About 15 students comprised the Dining Committee that proposed the idea for the cart last semester, said Rick Flores, general manager of Dining Services. If the cart is approved, students will be able to buy hot dogs on campus using their student ID cards.

"It would be an easy way to grab a bite to eat," said Katie McCann, Dining Committee chair.

New student center to update dining options

When the new student union opens in 2008, both a new campus life and a new way to eat will come along with it. TCU Dining Services is replacing the present a la carte plan with a buffet-style program.

Rather than using an ID debit card at all of the dining facilities, students will swipe their IDs to gain access to the residential dining hall in the new Brown-Lupton Student Union, said Rick Flores, the general manager of TCU Dining Services.

Students will then choose their meal from a buffet of choices.

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