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Spears won’t win respect with sleazy new behavior

Oops! She did it again.Before the Christmas break, the Web site livejournal.com printed an article titled "She's Bringin' Slutty Back" referring to Britney Spears' wild, new lifestyle minus a husband, Kevin Federline. By slutty, the headline refers to photographs taken of Spears getting out of a car - photos of her private region.

The photographs reveal a drunk Spears with fellow bad girl Paris Hilton. They leave nothing to the imagination; you can even see the scar from her cesarean section from the birth of both of her children, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Q&A: Leonardo DiCaprio

Q: I heard while you were filming on location, you were injured. Can you tell us a little bit about that?A: We all got pretty banged up. We had some pretty extensive action sequences. In dangerous situations, you have to take a hiatus from your character and realize you just have to get from point A to point B. We knew getting into this project, it would be a rough experience.

Q: The movie is very political. How much did that weigh on your decision to take the role?

Survey to provide needed stats

Students have a right to know what illnesses are prevalent on campus. Until TCU statistics are released, students can't receive accurate facts.Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills recently sent about 3,200 students who make up a random sample an e-mail encouraging them to participate in the National College Health Assessment Web Survey. Mills said in the message that the survey will be used to assess health behaviors of students in order for the university to develop and improve health services and programs on campus.

Pregnant patrons should be refused alcohol for baby’s sake

A pregnant girl walks into a bar, lights up a cigarette and orders a glass of wine.This joke doesn't sound funny, does it? That's because it isn't.

I recently visited a bar in my hometown over the weekend and saw this very scene.

Although I was shocked at the sight of this woman's reckless disregard for her unborn baby's health, I was even more shocked at the waitress', bartender's and police officer's apathy for the situation.

"A couple drinks won't do any harm," the waitress said.

Smoking should be limited to specific areas

While walking around campus, students should be able to breathe in and out assuredly without worrying about the health of their lungs. They shouldn't have to choke on smoke as they walk to and from class.Smoking is a choice some choose to make, but many do not. Most nonsmokers abstain from smoking for health reasons. Therefore, having to breathe smoke around campus may anger those who chose not to smoke.

Women should find class again, save trash for the wastebasket

Thousands of women marched in streets throughout the early 20th century and fought for the equality of women. Those women argued for equality so women could be free of those silly feminine conventions that identified them as second-class citizens - high heels, lipstick, giggles and lace.I'm afraid the civil rights ladies of the Roaring '20s succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Surely they didn't fight for our liberation so we could become a generation of girls with no class.

Adoption saves pets from euthanization

In today's world, where designer dogs and pure-bred animals are all the rage, it seems the mutt has lost its appeal.Last week, the Dallas Morning News reported North Texas' largest city-run animal shelters euthanized 82,000 dogs and cats last year - 1,600 a week, 225 a day.

For many animals, a trip to the humane society is an immediate death sentence. Most animals only have days at the shelter before they are euthanized, and these animals are usually completely healthy.

Drinking regulations at tailgate ineffective

A tailgate should be something to enjoy, not an occasion to fear. Tailgating should feel spontaneous, so efforts to control it only make students hesitant to partake in the festivities. If the administration wants to raise attendance at the student tailgate, it should encourage students to conduct their tailgates the way they please. There's no need for overly strict rules and regulations.

One concern is underage drinking and, so far, the efforts have been ineffective.

Advising should be made simpler for all

The beginning of each semester can be stressful for students: new classes, teachers, tests and challenges. But are the classes you're fretting over even the ones you need to be taking? The professor from your department swears these are the right classes and that you must take them now in order to graduate on time.It's hard to believe that majority of professors on campus are familiar enough with TCU core curriculum to advise students correctly on every class they need to take each semester.

Students showcase research projects in Tucker hallways

The studies of atomic nuclei and black holes are only a couple of the many research topics on display Friday as part of the Student Research Symposium.The fourth annual SRS will display about 87 research projects on posters in the hallways of the Tucker Technology Center that students of the College of Science and Engineering prepared to be judged by faculty from different departments according to topic.

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