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With greater speeds come greater risks

A bill that would boost some Texas highway speed limits to 85 mph passed in the state House last week, while a similar bill...

Halperin concert shows gratitude for Fort Worth fan base

So many celebrities and musicians follow fame and seem to forget who and what made them famous. That doesn't seem to be the case with...

Article on murdered transgender woman lacked sensitivity

A story in March 11's paper about Marcal Camero Tye, a transgender woman who was murdered in Arkansas, offended some of our readers. We received numerous emails and phone calls pointing out both a factual error in the story and an error in judgment on the part of the editors.

There was a factual error in the story. Originally, the story listed Tye as a man in women's clothing when she was in fact transgender. The Associated Press corrected the article the same day, but did not issue an official retraction.

TCU athletic officials not commenting on ‘Sports Illustrated’ report

A Sports Illustrated/CBS news report ranked TCU's football program best among SI's preseason top 25 with the fewest number of players with criminal records. TCU had zero, but athletic administrators have declined to comment on what exactly TCU has done to achieve that.

TCU and Oklahoma were the only two schools of the top 25 teams listed that performed regular background checks, according to the Sports Illustrated article.

Cohen: TCU conducts criminal background checks on athletes

Director of Athletics Media Relations Mark Cohen confirmed Wednesday that TCU conducts criminal background checks on athletes.

"We utilize background checks as one of many tools when recruiting prospective student-athletes," Cohen wrote in a statement. "Suffice it to say, we try very hard to recruit athletes who are good community citizens and leaders in their respective sports. So far, we are pleased with our recent recruits, and we look forward to continued success in all of our sports programs."

Guns on campus are dangerous

A bill in the Texas House would allow students with a concealed carry license to carry guns on public college campuses.

While gun carriers must be 21 or older and undergo training on the proper handling of a gun, allowing students carrying concealed handguns to wander public campuses is a dangerous idea.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills said he didn't support the bill because it could create confusion for police reacting to a violent situation.

Broken pipe in Sid Rich leaves campus disconnected

A pipe in Sid Richardson Hall burst Thursday morning, taking out power to the TCU servers.

University e-mail, phone and most Internet was taken offline, according to a TCU alert sent Thursday afternoon.

University officials said basic services like Internet, e-mail and university phones should be back up within about a day. However more complicated services, like servers, could be offline into next week.

Disagreement is part of the political process

Disagreement is part of the political process. Check the Constitution if you don't believe me. There's a series of checks and balances that is...

Trial date set in university civil suit

The civil case filed by a former student against the university will go to trial May 2 pending additional motions to dismiss, according to a pretrial hearing held Wednesday.

The plaintiff, identified as K.S. in the suit, alleges that TCU fraudulently misrepresented campus safety. Susan Hutchison, one of the plaintiff's attorneys, said the trial would not begin immediately because TCU's defense attorneys had requested extra time to depose an expert on date-rape drugs.

TCU civil suit should move to trial after pretrial hearing

A civil suit filed by a former student who alleges that TCU fraudulently misrepresented campus safety could proceed to trial after a Tarrant County judge denied a motion on Thursday.

The plaintiff, K.S., who alleges that TCU misrepresented campus safety, an action that led to her sexual assault, should proceed to trial following a pretrial meeting Wednesday morning.

The pretrial meeting will determine if the full witness list provided by the plaintiff's attorneys should be called.

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